How Much Is Doggy Daycare? Daily & Weekly Costs

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We all wish we could avoid leaving our dogs behind, but it may not always be possible due to your work life. You can leave him at home and know he’ll be fine when you return, but you might also need to explore other possibilities.

How Much Is Doggy Daycare

In such cases, pet daycare is convenient for working pet owners. Still, how much does doggie daycare cost? Let’s find out!

Doggy Daycare Prices

The price for doggy daycare varies depending on the service, the hours your dog stays at the center, and the dog’s size and breed. Generally speaking, a full day costs $12 to $38, while half of the day ranges from $6 to $25.

Depending on each center, a full-day boarding rate is often 8-12 hours. Meanwhile, half-days consist of fewer than six hours of pet care. Ultimately, the doggy daycare weekly cost may vary from $200 to $500 or more based on the factors mentioned above and extra fees.

Dog care

One more thing we must state is that commercial pet centers are often cheaper than in-home services. Commercial doggy daycares are fully staffed and typically accommodate a large number of pets in a day.

On the other hand, in-home dog daycares are typically run by 1-2 people and only accept a limited number of dogs due to their smaller settings. This may be more appealing if your dog is elderly, requires more care, or doesn’t get along with other dogs.

Additional Charges You Might Have To Pay

Doggy daycare centers must adhere to a timetable to function properly because they are businesses with overhead and administrative costs. Thus, you may be charged a few extra fees, which will vary among dog care centers.

  • Application fee: Also referred to as the fee for the test to initiate the interview and approval process.
  • Fees for late pickup: When you pick up the pet after the scheduled time.
  • Cancellation fees: Whenever you fail to cancel your meeting in advance.
  • Transport fees: These are associated with picking up and delivering your dog.
  • Emergency veterinary costs: In case your dog is sick, you need to sign and accept before leaving your pup.

What You Will Get From A Doggy Daycare Service

The amenities and services offered by dog daycare centers vary in price. That being said, most boarding facilities will include the following in their service.

  • Supervision playtime with full access to dog-safe equipment and toys
  • Complete access to play indoor and outdoor areas
  • Daily exercise, such as walking or hiking
  • Nourishment, including watering and feeding
  • Nap and resting schedules
  • Basic to elite grooming services (such as ear cleaning, nail cutting, and combing)
  • Fun activities such as agility games and obstacle courses
  • Medication administration and supervision
  • Extra services such as private groups or customized training for specific dog breeds and sizes
  • House-sitting or overnight boarding
  • Frequent potty breaks and cleanups

There will be a price for each of these services. All of the facilities will provide packages that let you select the services your dog wants to use. From a commercial perspective, providing a variety of package alternatives will boost earnings by persuading potential clients to pay more for more services.

What Are The Requirements Your Pup Needs To Meet To Use The Daycare Service?

dog health care

Most respectable dog daycare facilities will demand the pet to meet several requirements before taking it in to guarantee the well-being and security of both dogs and employees. Here are the standard vaccination and health requirements to follow.

Temperament Test

Your furry friend will have to take a temperament test before getting in the same group with other pups. This process involves a quick phone interview and an in-person meeting where the center’s owner reviews the first intake documents.

According to our experience, some facilities even go through a 30-minute behavior test to see whether the dog fits in. This includes bringing toys and food to watch if your dog growls, lunges, or even bites. 

They may also put your dog in another room to observe how he/she acts around a friendly “tester” pup. Temperament tests are provided for free at certain dog daycare centers, while others charge a $30 nonrefundable fee.

Neuter And Spay

Dog boarding facilities typically prohibit puppies who haven’t undergone spaying or neutering by the time they are six months old. This is because unfixed dogs are more likely to become pregnant or infect other canines. When they get agitated or want to establish superiority in the group, unneutered male dogs may mount other pups.

Parasite Prevention

Most dog daycare facilities mandate that all animals receive a year-round of parasite prevention. To prevent contracting or transmitting parasites, ensure your dog is on intestinal worms, heartworm, and flea and tick preventatives.


The following are the vaccine shots your beloved furry friend must take to protect itself and other pups before getting into a daycare.

  • Bordetella: Your dog must get a Bordetella shot every 6 to 12 months. This way, it will be shielded from kennel cough, a contagious upper respiratory infection.
  • Influenza Virus: Human flu symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, and coughing, are brought on by the contagious respiratory illness. A dog flu shot is required for your dog each year. It should ideally be finished two weeks before he goes to daycare.
  • DHPP: With this core combo vaccine, the puppy will be protected against parvovirus, kennel cough, infectious hepatitis, and distemper. Your dog will require a booster vaccine every one to three years following the original set at six, twelve, and sixteen weeks of age.
  • Leptospirosis: It is a bacterial infection that can lead to lung diseases, liver and kidney damage, meningitis, which is the swelling of the membranes that shield the brain and spinal cord, and even death. The first vaccination can be given to puppies susceptible to leptospirosis at 12 weeks old, followed by a shot 2 to 4 weeks later.
  • Rabies: Every pet should get this vaccine before it turns 16 weeks old. Depending on state regulations and the vaccine used, booster shots should be administered every one to three years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dogs Like Daycares?

Yes. Many dogs enjoy attending daycare, particularly gregarious types like Golden Retrievers and Labradors. At these facilities, they make new friends, run freely, and receive attention from staff members. Plus, daycare can be extremely helpful for young puppies that require frequent socializing to develop.

Is Daycare Good For Shy Dogs?

Definitely! The daycare can be an excellent place that helps the timid pups become more confident and learn how to interact with people and other dogs. Remember that it could take some time for your shy little furry to become comfortable at daycare and start having fun.

Is It OK To Take Dogs To Daycare Every Day?

It depends on the dogs. While some pups benefit greatly from daily daycare visits, others require infrequent interaction. To be sure, you must base it on your pet’s personality and needs before bringing it to the daycare daily.

The Bottom Line

How much does doggy daycare cost? Now you have the answer. It’s typically ranging from $12 to $38. Although daycare service will add extra money to your monthly bills, the independence, love, and care your furry friend receives are well worth it.

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