About Us – PetsitUSA

When it comes to our pets, many of us see them as loved family members, and that being the case, we want the very best for them! PetsitUSA was founded with this in mind; for pet guardians and the welfare of their companions. The goal was to create an easy way for people throughout the country to locate professionals who are able provide special, loving, care for their best friends.

In addition to the contact information for pet care businesses in your neighborhood, we provide you with helpful information about the services they offer. Although pet sitters, dog walkers, and dog daycares are being called on more and more by pet guardians worldwide, every day people are turning to them for the very first time. For that reason we have included informative checklists and FAQs to help you and your pet care professional ensure the safety of your pets in your absence. And, even if you’ve used the services of pet sitter, dog walker, or dog daycare in the past, we believe the information will be quite helpful!

Whether your best friend sports fur, feathers, scales, or fins, it’s our hope that at PetsitUSA, you’ll find the information you want and the pet care professional that will meet your needs!

PetsitUSA was founded in 2003 by Therese Kopiwoda, who owned her own pet sitting business in Austin, Texas until 2011.

In 2012, Ryan O’Connell became the new owner of PetSitUSA. PetsitUSA has continued to be the online directory of professional pet sitters, dog walkers, and dog daycares.