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Making decisions based on pets’ needs

by Therese on January 28, 2008

in Cats, Dogs, Pets

20080128catinchair.jpgResearch by a pet health insurance provider shows that British pet owners make life choices based, in part, by what’s best for their pets.

Decisions about holidays, home furnishings and cars have always been tricky for British families, but, to complicate matters further, another factor is increasingly being taken into consideration: the needs of the family pet.

According to a new study by Petplan, the UK’s leading pet insurer, British pet owners are basing major decisions about their lives and relationships on what they think will be most suitable for their animals. Many would even go so far as to include their pets in pre-nuptial agreements.

According to the story, people also consider their pets when making choices regarding:

  • Home furnishing & floors
  • Cars
  • Gardens
  • Housing
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Romantic partner

Here’s the rest.

My pets are a big influence my decisions. My house is definitely pet friendly…pet-friendly furniture, stained cement floors, and a big fenced back yard (even though they spend most of their time indoors this was important to me). I also have a dog-friendly car…a small SUV…and as much as I’d like to have a lovely landscaped back yard, it’s pretty basic. I prefer for it to be low-maintenance with plenty of room for the dogs to romp and run.

As for the romantic partner issue, I won’t date a guy who doesn’t like dogs and cats. It just wouldn’t work for me. In the past the cat has been a deal breaker for some, and to those men I’ve said, “have a nice life.” My cat and dogs are my family and I’m not going to ditch them for some guy, no matter how wonderful he may appear.

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jan January 28, 2008 at 2:47 pm

I consider my dogs to be a great judge of character so I trust their judgment. I always say if I can find a guy who loves Poodles I would be his love slave.


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