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My dog was attacked by another dog

by Therese on January 8, 2008

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As I’m sitting here typing, my dog Lydia is lying next to me sleeping peacefully here on the couch. She’s perfectly fine now, and hopefully having some pleasant dreams as her feet twitch every few seconds. A few weeks ago though, we were nursing some aches and pains from a dog attack.

We went out for a walk, on the route we’ve walked for years. She was on a leash, walking quietly, minding her own business, when all of a sudden a dog lunged on top of her. Neither of us saw it coming. There was no warning whatsoever – no growling, no barking – absolutely no warning at all! As it attacked, there was just a flurry of dog, and a lot of yelping and growling mostly by Lydia. It was nearly impossible to know what to do and left me feeling so absolutely useless. There was no way I was going to reach down and try to pull them apart so I just yelled for help and tried to pull Lydia back. It was useless though because the dog had a pretty good hold on her. Eventually someone came and pulled the dog off of Lydia and I was able to check her neck to see if she was bleeding. There wasn’t, thankfully.

The dog owner, who saw the attack, is an idiot. He didn’t check to see if my dogs or I were ok. Nor did he apologize. And, after taking Lydia to the vet, the guy wasn’t interested in paying the bill. After talking to a couple of the neighbors though, none of this is surprising. The guy has had a few complaints to animal control because of the dog getting out and doing the same thing. Animal control won’t do anything though since there was no permanent damage to either one of us.

The way the current vicious dog ordinance in Austin is written, this type of dog is not considered vicious, and therefore all animal control can do is to give the owner a little ‘dog owner responsibility’ speech. In other words – nothing. There’s a new vicious dog ordinance being worked on though, which I’ve posted about before. Many people, including me, are unhappy with some of the language in it because it makes the ordinance too vague. Once the ordinance is finished though, hopefully animal control will be able to take some type of action when something like this happens.

The good thing is that Lydia is feeling a lot better now. She was limping for a few days, and had some scratches and small puncture wounds on her neck, but she’s going to be OK.

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Fuzzy Logic January 9, 2008 at 9:23 am

Oh My GAWD!!! This is my biggest fear. I suspect that one of my dogs would not stop if attacked and I could lose them because the other dog would be dead.

I’m so sorry to hear this.. how is she doing emotionally?


jan January 9, 2008 at 11:34 am

I’m glad Lydia is ok. Sometimes these experiences can make them skittish for a long time. I’m sorry for the other dog too, the chances of living a long happy life are pretty slim. Heavy fines for allowing a dog to run off leash even if he doesn’t do lasting harm should be enforced.


Robert Davis January 9, 2008 at 8:50 pm

Take the owner to small claims court. The owner’s negligence caused you to incur expenses for your dog. If the animal control folks will not do anything…then use the courts. You can also ask for small claims court costs.

I hope Lydia will be 100% soon.



Therese January 10, 2008 at 9:27 am

I think Lydia’s back to normal, finally. We got lucky…she’s going to be fine.

I thought about taking the guy to small claims but just want to put it behind me. We don’t walk that way anymore, it knocks out a nice part of our walk, but it’s not worth it.

And you’re right Jan, I don’t think the dog who attacked her has much of a life. I think it lives in the back yard all the time.


Alexandra January 11, 2008 at 2:24 am

There is something called Spray Shield also known as Direct Stop. It’s compressed citronella spray that you can spray at an attacking dog, ideally at the nose. I have seen people use it and it is highly effective. It costs about $12. You can find it online if you google it. It has a 10 foot spray length so you don’t really have to stretch your arm out that far to use it. I carry it with me all the time when I am walking a customer’s dog. Fortunately I have never had to use it.


Therese January 11, 2008 at 8:51 am

Thanks Alexandra, I haven’t ever heard of that. Do you know if it’s as good as /or better than pepper spray? I bought some pepper spray last week and have started carrying that with me. If the Direct Stop is better though I’ll get some of that! I hope I never have to use it but if I need to I certainly won’t hesitate.


Steve January 11, 2008 at 5:54 pm

Glad to hear no damage! Hard to believe there was no blood in a vicious dog attack. My pup (5 month old lab) was jumped by a 90# Akita. My inlaw was walking my pup and her twin 2 year olds(in a stroller) This Akita ran out from a garage, my sis-in-Law pushed her kids away from the attack. The other dog was ontop mine chwing on her thigh and back leg. All the time she is yelling for help. NO help was coming from this house so (AND I AM SO VERY PROUD OF HER) she took matters in her own hands. She proceeded to kick the attacking dog in the ribs. This poor animal was laying on the ground in the road by the time the owner comes running out of the house yelling “what are you doing to my dog?” Like your case, no offer to see a vet and only after much purswaysion was rabi papers produced. I did not want to call police, as I did not want to be (that neighbor!!!) ya know. What a mistake! 4 days later my pup developed a inferction and a (like a) hematoma. SMELLY!!!!!! 75 bucks later and (future therapee for her ….J.K.) shew was fixed up. After they never responded to my letters to them and the cost of the vet, I had to file a police report and only then did I get the cash! Its not the pets fault (usually) its illresponsible owners!!!! Call police every time imediatetly since I too learned later this dog done this before! PS. The Akita wound up OK but was sore for many days since the poor thing had bad hips to begin with.


Jimmy January 12, 2008 at 9:52 pm

Oh my gosh. That is always my worst fear with something like that happening to my little Emily.

I’m so glad to hear your Lydia wasn’t seriously injured.

My problem is that my little 17 pound Emily will snap at a bigger dog cause she thinks she’s ten feet tall and bullet proof. And I’m so scared a bigger dog is going to retaliate.

I always pick her up in my arms when around a strange dog, and then I let the owners know that Emily is a miss smarty pants, and I’m scared she might cause their dog to harm her.
She will submit as soon as the bigger dog lets her know who the boss is, but I’m always scared that the bigger dog might not stop.

I had one guy’s 70 pound boxer look like he was going to eat her up, but I scooped her up before he could get to her. The dog would constantly bark and growl at her? I just avoided the park when ever that dog was there.


Katy January 12, 2008 at 10:19 pm

I just got back from walking my two little dogs–mixed breed, about 11 pounds. We were about 20 feet away from 2 little girls, one of whom was carrying a large dachshund. The dachshund saw my dogs and went berserk. He struggled out of the little girl’s arms (no leash, of course) and went straight for Sammy and Sissy. There was a terrible fight, and my poor dogs were screaming. I finally got between the dachshund and my dogs and yelled “NO!” over and over, and he backed off. No bite punctures that I can find, thank goodness.

WHY, WHY, WHY do parents let children take responsibility for dogs without adequate training (for the kids AND the dogs) and NO LEASH??? I was so shaken and angry I had to sit on the curb for awhile. I’m still furious.


Kathy Petsitter January 15, 2008 at 8:21 am

Direct Stop or now called Direct Shield is a citronella spay. It is non-toxic so will not cause pain or injury to a dog or bystander. It is effective in stopping an on coming dog but less effective once a fight has broken out. Still because it will not hurt the dog you have more liberty to use it proactively.

Some area PetsMarts carry it in their training area, call ahead to see if they have it in stock or order on line.

I have used it several times now while walking my own dog, a client’s dog and a dog who took up a position on the front porch of a house I needed to enter. I do carry both Direct Stop AND a pepper spay called HALT! but so far have only had to use the far less adversive one.


Therese January 15, 2008 at 11:09 am

Katy, I’m glad your dogs are OK! I have to wonder how the parents of the girl would have felt if it had been their dog that would have been attacked. If they’re like most irresponsible pet owners, they would have cried to high heaven about the injustice, even though their dog was off-leash.

Kathy, I’ve got the pepper spray but I think I’m going to get some Direct Stop too. A friend, who works in a dog daycare, also suggested getting one of those small air horns. I can just see myself now, with all these contraptions hanging from my belt. lol


Kathy March 17, 2008 at 6:16 pm

On Thursday March 13, 2008 I was walking my little dog Molly who is a peekapoo when she was attacked. I saw the boxer on the other side of his fence and he crawled under the fence and ran up on my dog. The attack lasted about 45 seconds but was fatal to my little dog. The dog did not appear agressive and was not barking or growling. I kicked, punched, choked and screamed at the dog but he wouldn’t let go of Molly. By the time the owner came out of the house Molly had suffered extensive wounds on her chest and ribs and her front leg was broken. I felt so helpless. Passerbys stopped to help but the dog had a death grip on my little dog. The owner admitted that the dog had attacked another small dog the month before and he had installed the invisiline electrical line inside the parimeter of the fenced in area but it did not stop him from coming through. His owner had him euthenized on the same evening as the attack.


kay September 26, 2010 at 1:16 pm

Hi Kathy I doubt u will get this but for whoever reads this I had a pomerian mix who was attacked by another dog also. My mighty mighty had two inflicted wounds one his back and one on his side of leg . The attacked happened early in the morning maybe around 3 to 4am taking him to use the rest room. We treated Mouse’s wounds thinking he be okay, but was vomiting all thru the day and later that day he slipped away in a seizure and died rushing him to the animal hospital. It slipped away less than 24 hrs. My point is if your dog gets attacked take him to the vet even if the dog seems okay. I thought my dog was going to pull through, but Mouse died of internal bleeding from the attack and the dog had crush his insides. I feel so bad and wish I could of prevented this from happening. Now I have not only lost a best friend but a family member. There is a big void in our family and its only been two days 9/24/2010 he died and it feels a life time. Please attend to your animals as if they were your children. There are so many diseases this is a lesson learn.


Therese March 17, 2008 at 6:36 pm

Kathy, what an absolutely horrific story all the way around. I’m so sorry you lost your dog in such a brutal way. It’s only been a few days since you lost Molly so I know you must still be in shock from it all. My heart goes out to you!!


Abby April 7, 2008 at 9:14 am

I was attacked yesterday and i was far away from the dog and it jumped the fence and my dog was running back home and so was i unfortently this dog was a laboratory retriever and was beyond my waist i was freaking out so i gently petted the big dog and it was coming at me and wanted to be loved more and my dog stepped in the way and help came my dog is ok but still a little scared so i am ready to kill that lab it was a choclate lab. Girl I know how you feel!!! i am still scared… … …


Ruth Gonyer October 22, 2010 at 1:45 pm

RE: Abby April 7, 2008 at 9:14 am
wow nevery heard of a laboratory dog before is this some strange experimental off shoot of a Labrador Retriever sounds like he never attacked you said he just wanted love wich is it or do you just hate big dogs?????


Abby April 7, 2008 at 9:17 am

Did i mention my dog was yelping? He was though.


Abby April 7, 2008 at 9:18 am

My dog was yelping too! but he is playing again! YAY!


jhkfsh April 7, 2008 at 9:22 am

girl get over it and stick up!


Abby April 7, 2008 at 9:24 am

The one above me was rude but he might be right about the get over it part i am going to take his advice too about my dog attack story


leonie May 6, 2008 at 5:33 am

Hi! I’m so sorry to hear about everyone’s issues with dog attacks – I’m particularly sad to hear about poor Molly. I was walking my dog Lila on a lead about 2.5 weeks ago (she’s a hamiltonstovare – imagine a tall skinny beagle) when two big husky-type dogs escaped their yard and attacked her. There was no warning, no growling from them – they just grabbed her and wouldn’t let go. Lila was screaming – and I mean screaming. I managed to get rid of one of the huskies, and luckily the owner came over and we got the other dog off Lila. She had some wounds to her ears which got infected, but her harness protected her throat and she’s physically on the mend. But, she’s really scared now and her whole personality has changed. She (and I) get very nervous if a dog comes up to her and she isn’t her usual happy self. Does anyone have any advice about what I can do to help her out? Thanks!


Renee May 11, 2008 at 6:58 pm

I am so thankful i found this web site! I just got back from walking my dog Fife (a 40 pound lab mix) down a street in our neighborhood. Usually everyone leashes thier dogs and the few that do not while annoying are generaly friendly. But today this large overwieght red heeler came up and started to attack my dog!!! I work at a veterinary clinic as a technician and can handle “bad” dogs under normal circumstances, but seeing this dog about to chew up my baby really made me livid and scared. I took the end of my leash, (it’s one of those cushioned hanlde ones not the retractable!) and whompped the dog on the head hard. He stopped and took a few steps back curling his lips the whole time.
I never saw an owner or anyone who looked the least bit concerned about this! My dog is fine but i feel awful that i had to hit this dog to get him to back off. I hope that people take “Alexandras” advice and get some sort of spray that way you do not have to get close to an attacking dog but can still defend yourself and your loved ones!!


Vanessa May 16, 2008 at 10:10 am

My Bichon Frise was killed by a Pitbull on Sunday while my mum was walking her. the dog came from no where & went straight for the underneath of poor Pancake. She died from the shock & Puncture wounds before we got to the vets :O( its a disgrace that people actually keep these dogs. I just hope with the shock that she may not have felt too much pain.


jessica May 21, 2008 at 4:51 pm

hey thats sad about your dog!!:( anyways the other day my 8 month old puppy [he’s a chiuaua terrier] he was attaked by a bigger pit bull! it was so sad but he’s ok now but he has little teeth marks still on his tummy! should i report thr other dog?!


susan September 3, 2008 at 2:57 pm

This Saturday I myself and my husband were walking my two dogs when a big dog had attached my american eskimo the dog ran out of the gaurage. It had my dog in its mouth and started shacking her and I was scream while my husband was trying to get her out of his mouth to let you know how big the dog was my dog weighs 22pds and it had her in his mouth. The boy friend finally came out to help but he didn’t really do much but hold his girlfriends dog finally my husband got my dog away from the big dog. The boyfriend then came over when the officer got there and almost made us feel it was are fault. I was just wondering do you think yur dog is over it my dog is very sore and still crys we tryed to take her for a little walk but she gets very tired but I don’t know if its cause of the pain meds. She sleeps alot now and doesn’t have much energy and I was just wondering if she go back the way she was or if she’ll be broken now


saki April 10, 2009 at 8:42 pm

My poor dog has never recovered emotionally after being attacked, and is afraid whenever a strange dog appears at our fence or near us on a walk. She is only ok within our pack and around dogs she knows. Otherwise, she jumps in my arms or backs up on her leash.
There are so many loose dogs and irresponsible owners that our city’s animal control tells me that the number one call that they get is dogs being viciously attacked by other dogs. They suggested that I carry a baseball bat and do whatever I have to do to keep the attacking dog off my dogs, and that I am within my rights to use deadly force to defend my life and the life of my dogs. I carry the bat attached loosely to my right arm by a lanyard coated with a rubber hose so it doesn’t dig in. I’ve practiced and I’m ready to transfer both leashes to my left hand, lower my arm so that the bat is in my right hand, and aim for the head, realizing that I must be quick and efficient. I love dogs but as the pack leader I cannot permit another attack to succeed.
We’ve been charged and bit several times in the past year, especially by pit bulls who are illegal in our county. The owners just stand there while letting their dogs run loose and do nothing to stop the attack. Hopefully the sight of the bat will encourage them to stop acting like its a joke and actually do something to stop their dog before I have to.
The bat helps give me confidence that my emotionally damaged dog will pick up on, and she will have more confidence in me as a leader if I stop the attack before she gets hurt again.


Mel April 18, 2009 at 12:12 pm

Wow, scary stuff! If your dog did suffer puncture wounds I would recommend you definitely seek criminal charges against the other dog’s owners. There’s a difference between a dog establishing dominance on its own territory and a dog inflicting wounds on another dog just walking by.

The rest of you commenters speaking of attacks by neighboring dogs I am sorry for your distress! I just read the comment from saki about carrying a baseball bat… while that might be a bit unwieldy for many dogwalkers, a stout oak stick would do the same job… it’s your job to ensure the safety of your dog on a walk and if your environment requires weapons, that’s a good one! Also the citronella spray suggestions were good ones, no lasting harm to the attacking animal or your own, but it will definitely get their attention!

My own dog is leash-aggressive and I understand this so I avoid situations where it might become a problem. Many other pet owners don’t get it, so they should be educated. The real problem lies with irresponsible pet owners who allow their aggressive dogs to roam freely without a tether. My mother’s well-socialized Jack Russell was attacked by a neighbor dog months ago and is still very skittish on walks.

If your dog is not impeccably trained with complete and total willingness to recall at your bidding, then it has no business being untethered in your yard. I say this as one who knows her dog is oblivious to command or whistle if he finds nature interesting… my dog is NEVER untethered.


Francesca April 20, 2009 at 2:35 pm

This happend to my dog, we was walking when my dog was on his 2nd walk, a stupid alsation come charging up attacked my dog! I’m 12 and 11 when it happned as you would think on my own with a puppy and a german shepard come running at us i was only 11!!! When the boy got the dog off my dog i looked down and my puppy was coved in blood! I ran home and what did the 23 year old bloke do punches the dog, kicks it in the face nd drags it along no wonder it acts the way it does!! The man didnt even say sorry just standing there killing it! Then he looked at me at saw the blood everywere droped the dog and ran! So i was screaming as this alsation got up and started to chase {thank god they are known for running slow} me so i ran with my dog and got home, droped my bleeding dog on the floor and as the german shepard ran over i slammed the door in his face and the door is thick wood it banned his head and knocked him out as i ran to the kitchen telling my mum. Thankfully my dog is okey nand the blood was just a tiny bite mark what had been sqeezed to lead out some bloood, and had rubbed in to look like lots! He is very tuff but has marked with barking at other dogs, and the worry is we are geting another dog, a yorkie so im scered it will hurt it but i will work on my dogs behavior


Laney Floyd May 6, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Leonie – and anyone else who’s dogs have been attacked – I feel for you all. I walk dogs everyday and I can’t tell you how often we are harrassed by dogs off leash. Fortunately, I’ve never had any of my clients dogs injured. But, the best therapy for getting over the jitters is to find a friend with a dog and start walking the two dogs together. And, keep a positive image in your head – remember, whatever you feel goes right down the leash. Best wishes to all of you.


Lana June 28, 2009 at 7:48 pm

I was walking both my dogs today and my pug was being stubborn and at that time my chihuauhua pulled and I lost control of the leash- she ran after another dog and tried to hurt it. The owner of that dog had seen my dog running and tried to help so my dog wouldn’t go in the street, but my dog tried to get her dog. There was no yelping etc. and the lady was able to pick her dog up. I aplogozied, but I was so stressed because then my pug’s whole collar came off and he walkd away (he doesn’t run or bite and is needy, but I was just at my wits end) so I didn’t even ask the lady if her dog was ok. I assume it was or shewould have said something.
I am so stressed becaus I have only had my chihuahua two weeks and she is an angel at home, but she can’t be around other dogs outside our home or she goes nuts. I don’t want to be sued.
Do you think the spray would be good for me to carry for when she acts up?
Would dog obedience teach her not to run and try to go after other dogs?


divya July 8, 2009 at 6:09 am

hey guys my son was walking my dog on leash, he is big dog. and there was a lady she usually let her 8lb dog out to do his business, in that process he start to wonder around, he saw my dog and bark at him, and took off well my dog saw that and he chase him

the lady went to cops, filed a complaint against my dog, said my dog attack her dog and had puncture wounds thAT DID NOT BREAK SKIN, and she claims her dog was on THe leash, she is lying, if her dog was on the leash she would be able to pick her dog up. so she got animal control involved and they are making my dog seem monster were in reality my dog WAS RETREVING ANY THING YOU SEE RUN HE WANT TO CHASE IT may be 60lb if he bites 8lb sorry to say the little dog might get hurt, rather than no puncture wounds.


Amber July 10, 2009 at 5:36 pm

A man and woman with a lot of kids and dogs to, moved into a house around the corner from me. Our back yards connect with two fences deviding us. Right from the get go the dogs have taken a dis-like to my toy poodle, he’s going on 15 and doesn’t pay any attention to them, not even the cats in the neighborhood. They have several large dogs and quite a few small ones. One day when my husband took Toby to the groomers he came home and noticed that a large dog had been in our yard, left droppings. So he left for work and later on that night I was out side with my dog and noticed a large blond or brown colored, full sized dog, stuck between the two fences. I called the police and they checked out the fence where the dog had been digging and went to talk to the people and they told him just as soon as the man gets home he would fix it by putting a railroad tie over the hole. Well he never did. When my husband got home he put three large bricks in the hole so at least that way they would not be able to come that way again. A few weeks had passed and Toby wanted to go out so I took him out and sat for a while but, I had to go inside, thinking it would be safe, boy was I the fool, the next thing I hear was Toby barking and a lot of noise and here was two big black dogs in my yard, one on the porch and the other one tromping in my garden. I opened the door and started screaming at them, not knowing where or what had happened to Toby, I then seen him huddled behind the swing on the porch out of reach from the one that was on the porch with him. I called the police again and this time the Dog Warden came with him. I told them I didn’t know how they got into the yard but I watched them as they left and that they had jumped my fence into my neighbors yard they one of the girls that was in her yard called the dogs to jump back into their yard. The Officer and Warden went over to talk to the owners and they said that the dogs would never jump the fence and the little girl said, “Yes they did because I called for them to come back over.” The were told to remove all the deberr away from the fences and clean it up so the dogs would not have any thing to use to help them get over the fence. They did that night but when the man came home that night and seen what they were doing and why he said, “These dogs won’t jump that fence, and one of the boys said, I bet you five dollars thay can jump this fence.” So the boy went back to the fence and called for the dogs and sure enough both dogs jumped the fence. Well about a month and a half has gone by and my husband and I with Toby were out back and Toby was out doing his business where he always does and the next thing I see is a large black dog run up the fence line, jump the neighbors fence and then jump ours and headed straight for Toby, he didn’t know what to do it was as thought he had frozen. The dog had bit him on the hip on the right side, mind you Toby is only a foot tall and only weighs about 8 LB. My husband when he seen the dog grabbed a container and ran at the dog but wasn’t fast enough to keep Toby from getting bit. Toby started moving to the house and the dog stated to follow him but when he seen husband, and the dog ran back to the fence and jumped them both to get back into their his owne yard. Needless to say I was yelling great obsenities to and about the dog and telling hubby to kill it, what can I way, I was upset. I could hear the kids yelling but didn’t under stand what they were saying. I called the police again and asked for them to have the Dog Warden come to. It took them a while to get there and while we were outside waiting for them the kids started coming over pleading with us and saying it wasn’t the dogs fault and what can they do to stop this from happening again, I told the to have 8 foot privacy fences put up and they said,”We can’t do that because of all the weeds.” Then I told them,”Well looks like if they come in my yard again looks like you will have a dead dog.” They left and then the next thing I hear is my front door bell. One of the older boys comes over to appologize and gave us a sob story about, how his dad would beat the dog and that is why he is doing, what he is doing, and that is why his mom left him and they are trying to break the dog from this habbit. I asked the boy if the dogs have had their rabie shots and he said,”yes”. He left and shortly after that the Warden arrived. We told him what had happened, looked at Toby, took pictures then we talked to him about what all the kids have said. Mind you the mother nor the man they live with has never come over to say a thing. I also found out that it is against the law to harm a nother dog even if it is killing your’s because it is not live stock. The only way you can do that is if it has “BITTEN YOU.” They no longer need their shots, non of them. And that they do not put any animal down, not unless it is badly hurt, suffering or old age and in pain. It is no wonder why we have so many distempered animals. The wrong people are allower to bread what ever animal that the want to and not worry about the temperment of the creature. I do believe this is all wrong. Also found out that my hubby knows the mom and that her hubby died of cancer a long time ago and has been with this guy for years. So the beating of the dog story was all bogus. We took Toby to the vet and had to have the hair shaved away from the wound, then seeing where the dogs fang teeth had ripped Tobys skin. Toby is in shock and does not trust anything or anyone. I hope he is able to come out of it soon or else I fear it will have a bad reaction on his health.


Christina Pisano July 13, 2009 at 8:39 pm

I’m glad your dog is ok. My dog just got attacked by an Akita. I have a Min Pin. The Akita got loose and the owner knew about it, never tied her up and was out all day. The Akita got into my yard and attacked my dog She has the same injuries. Limping on her front leg, cuts all over her body. I have to wait for the vet to open tomorrow morning cause where I live there isn’t an emergancy room for this. She’s shaking too much and the bleeding finally stopped. I hope that my dog can recover the way your dog did. I hope there is no internal bleeding. Your story helped me to calm down just a little. I hoe this has no lasting damage to her.


ohioborn80 July 18, 2009 at 1:47 pm



DeAnna August 9, 2009 at 10:23 pm

I am very happy to hear that your dog did not get hurt physically in the attack. I am sure mentally she had to come to grips with it though. The sad thing is, you have had to alter your walking routine and change aspects of your life so as not to encounter this dog and yet the owner of this dog has had no changes whatsoever. It is very frustrating that offenders get away and the innocent have to pay for it.

My Aussie was attacked by two very large dogs while I walked her on her harness and leash in our local state park. We walk there almost every day and she knows the trails quite well. The two dogs were owned by a man and woman and they did have a collar and leash on both but did not have control of the dogs. I was caught in the middle of this attack and eventually fell down and that was when my grip on the leash let go and my dog ran off to get away from these dogs. The owner finally got his dogs but mine was long gone. To make a long story short, after 4 days of searching acres and acres of deep forest and trails we did finally find our dog. She hadn’t been hurt by the dogs but she is hurt from living alone in the woods for 4 days. She is also scared of the dark now and is very timid about going outside. I am sure it will take a long time before I will be able to walk her in the park again – which was our main form of exercise. Yet, the people who owned the dogs that attacked just went on with their vacation and lives with no harm to them. I wish people would learn to control their dogs, I wish they wouldn’t pretend that “their dog would never hurt another dog or person” , and would take reponsibility if their dog does hurt another dog. All dogs are capable of attacking for one reason or another, no matter their size or breed. An owner should either be in control, or not own the dog, period.


Heather August 17, 2009 at 9:02 pm

I am glad to hear your dog is ok. This just happened to me and my dog Edward (a three legged black lab). I was walking Edward, on a leash of course. We went and past a driveway (we were on the other side of the road) and all the sudden 4 dogs came at us. There was a small terrier dog that literally attached on to my Edward on the thigh and then the neck. I was trying to hard to get them off because Edward only has three legs to begin with so he was stuck on the ground screaming. The owners managed to pull them off after what seemed like forever and luckily Edward had no wounds and is just a bit sore. The only one who was bleeding was me because I was biting my lip so hard trying to get Edward out of the dog huddle. They apologized, put the dogs in the house, came and checked on me and Edward and brought us cold wash rags (many for me). They said the dog was their bothers and they were looking after if for a while. I just don’t know how to handle it, should I report them or not. They had no control over the 4 dogs who had I believe slipped out of the door or rush past the owners when they were being taken into the house, I did not see them until they were right there. I mean if Edward had not been so furry he would have had some serious lacerations, that is just not right. That little dog just came at him and wouldn’t let him go. I mean sure it was a smaller dog but the principal is still the same big or small. I just feel so bad for Edward because he is such a great dog (and like Lydia is sleeping right at my feet). Sadly after reading the comments this seems like a common occurrence.


Therese August 17, 2009 at 9:11 pm

Hi Heather, yes unfortunately it seems to happen way too often. I’m glad Edward is OK though – it sounds like you and he got very lucky! My heart sank when you wrote that you were up against 4 dogs – the outcome could have been much worse!


Leanna August 17, 2009 at 9:24 pm

Our family just had a terrible loss. My dogs were at the dog sitters house last week while we were on vacation. I get this frantic phone call that my shitzu mix is at the vet emergency room with terrible injuries from a bull mastif mix. My shitzu was playing outside and the bull mastiff just snapped at attacked my dog. One third of her neck was ripped, her ribs were broken and severed as well as severe muscle and soft tissue damage. She spent 2 nights at the hospital and was in surgery for several hours. She did come home but continued to have complications. I had to take her to the hospital twice with high fever. I had to feed her with a syringe because she would not eat on her own. This past saturday I took her back to the hospital because she was running another fever and shaking. They admitted her because she was in critical condition. The skin around the bite wounds died and were turning black. Then I received the worst news possible. She was in organ failure. The vet felt that she would not survive from the injuries she received. So I had to make the toughest decision of my life and put her to sleep. I have been an emotional wreck because she was my baby.

The owners of the dog who killed my dog have not even called. They know that their dog killed another but not a peep.


sonja August 18, 2009 at 5:49 pm

Hi all
I’m over in London and today my little 9 month old jack russell was attacked by pitbull cross. We were coming out of the local shop, both alfie and the other dog was on a lead and as I stepped out of the shop little alf went to snif the dog and he just picked him up by the neck and would not let go. Alfie was screaming and I was kicking the dog, the owner was punching the dog in the nose and still he would not let go. I though Alfie was going to die, blood was dripping on the floor and he had him in the air. In the end a pub owner came out and stuck a pool cue up the pitbull’s bottom, he let go for a second and I grabbed Alfie. He is ok but has bad puncture wounds in his neck and I am terrified of ever taking him out again. He is such a good dog, no issues with any other dog or people, so friendly and his temprament is not that of a typical yappy jack. I am worried that he will suffer emotionally and not recover from this, the vet said when an attack this bad happens they find it hard to get over it. I feel so guilty for letting him be hurt so bad and keep crying when I think of what happend. Has anyone got any ideas on how to get over this for me and my baby Alfie.


Kris August 20, 2009 at 2:55 pm

My little dog (22 pound American Eskimo) was attacked last night by an unleashed, known to be aggressive dog. The owner had both her dogs (a friendly one, and the aggressive one) out in a parking lot with no leashes, and I was unfortunate enough to turn the corner into the parking lot at that time, with my two leashed dogs (my Eskie, and my bigger, Shephard/Beagle mix). This dog of hers is always lunging, snapping, snarling and growling at other dogs and the week before had attacked another neighbor’s puppy. In less than a second, that dog was across the parking lot with my little girl by the neck, shaking her back and forth violently. My two dogs leashes were attached to my wrist, so I could not let go, and my other wrist is in a cast. I tried kicking the dog, getting in between (I know, dumb, but I was working on pure instinct, protecting my “baby”) and the lady didn’t even run over to help until I started yelling at her to “Get your dog off of my dog!”. My other dog jumped in and defended me and my little dog, and if it wasn’t for her, I’m not sure my little dog would be alive today. The way the dog was shaking her- she looked like she was trying to break her neck! When the dogs were seperated, my little dog either fainted or had a fear seizure, and was out cold for 10-15 seconds. There was no noticable injuries and no broken bones, so the other owner was like, “Oh, no big deal, no harm done”. I’d say there’s harm done! This happened at 10:15 last night. She didn’t stop shaking (from fear) until after 2:30 in the morning. (I’m not sure I did, either.) My little dog has always been very timid all her life (she was abused as a puppy), and now she’s even worse- hasn’t let me out of her sight, cried when I left for work (she hasn’t done this since she was a puppy), jumping at every noise and right now, is literally laying against my feet. She’s completely traumatized. The only comfort she seems to have is being near me, and on walks, she stays annoyingly close to my other dog, almost too nervous to “do her thing” outside. I filed a report with the police today, but since there was no blood, no cuts, they pretty much can’t do anything except keep my complaint on file, in case the dog ends up doing some serious damage to somebody else’s dog. 🙁


Marie August 21, 2009 at 9:17 am

I have had similar situations happen to me. It was happened so often that I started calling the police on EVERY INCIDENT. I have a camera on my cell phone so whenever possible, even if I have to take my dog back home first, I photo document holes in fences, loose dogs, snarling dogs, house address, etc. It does take some time but the results have paid off! One defensive measure that has worked very well for aggressive dogs coming at me is an air horn. You can buy them at walmart for a couple of bucks and it can fit right into your pocket! It will not harm the aggressive dog but it scares the tar out of them. It probably will scare your dog if you have one with you but I would rather that than having me or my dog attacked!


Tim August 21, 2009 at 3:05 pm

Hi there my mom and little shitzoo took a walk this morning, and there was a huge half German sheprd and its owner off leash and my mom saw him running towards her and the owner following behind as she was yelling dont worry he is friendly next thing u know he grabs my dog, swings him around from that point my mom just ran screaming crying the lady came and was trying to get her dog off mine, in the mean time he dog was biteing her as well remember this dog is 120 lbs mine is 18lbs her hand was all bloody he is in the vet now when we touch him he crys he cant move he just sits there all bloodyed up dont know how bad the damage the doctor called us 30 mins ago on one side he is doing surgury his muscle is ripped in his right arm pit they have not looked at the other side yet. they are willing and are paying for the vet bills, but i mean he was off leash in a naubourhood he could of killed a small chiled anything my mom was scared for her life and is so sad she didnt protect my dog, he was the sweetest dog in the world never bit noone nothing just great loved everything. im so angry dont know what to think if i should be angry at my mom for not picking him up or anything. anyways should i charge these people or just leave it at the vet bills i dont know what is smart.


Tim August 21, 2009 at 3:06 pm

sorry my english is not great, he is half german shperd half wolf. i mean he is huge.


hugo September 11, 2009 at 1:50 pm

i was walking my 3 pound chihuahua 2 days ago when it was attacked by a mastiff mix dog. my dog was on a leash and the other dogs were allowed to run free in the apartment complex where women, children and many other pets owners live. the mastiff attacked my dog and i attacked the mastiff and was able to get him to let go and run the owner was right there and i showed her what her dog had done. she said she was sorry and would pay for the vet bills. so i ran my dog to the vet and luckily he will be ok. now that the vet bills are approaching 1500 dollars she will not return my calls. owners must be held liable for both attacks on people and other dogs. people must control thier pets. i am going to take her to court all it took was one bite and it ripped my dog in half


Alfonzo September 29, 2009 at 3:42 am

Hi guys, well i have 3 dogs all chihuahua mixs. And last night the (dimond) was beat up by one of the male dogs (coco) we didunt get to see what was happening but we heard it going on behind the house for about 1 min till we got out there.. She wasant bleeding but she is having trouble walking and when shes laying down its really hard for her to stand up. She just lays there and moves her feel like shes terying to walk but she cant. When i call her name she just raises her head and looks at me and thats it…. What should i do to help her recover?


Heather October 2, 2009 at 8:16 pm

My dog was attacked earlier today. Same situation as you. My dad took him on the same route as always and the two of them were attacked. This happened about 5 1/2 hours ago and my dog is still shaking and very cautious about approaching everything from his food to us. I told my mom to set up a vet appointment for tomorrow but until then I was wondering what you did to help calm your dog down.


Anita October 4, 2009 at 9:03 pm

My dog Breeze is a Yorkie Maltese mix, 18 months old, weighs 7 lbs. Was in the middle of a fight with a german shepherd and got punctured. She’s at the vets, we got her there barely in time. She was in severe shock, grey gums, rapid shallow breathing, going cold and heart rate being irratic. If we hadn’t have gotten a hold of our regular vet out of hours she would not have survived the journey to the animal hospital! She’s recovering from the shock slowly, but there is a risk of damage to ribs, spleen, liver and kidney. HEATHER please get your dog checked ASAP. Vet called this morning to say she is vomiting, may be due to pain meds, so he was reducing them….now we play the waiting game. I hope your dog is ok Heather.


joe December 15, 2009 at 6:57 am

I have a 5 year old female and male Chihuahua mixed which I let them outside in the backyard to use the bathroom.well the neighbors big yard dog was outside as well so my dogs are barking hysterically an sounded like my female was getting attack but a wooden fence is keeping safe I bring them back inside and ever since then my baby girl hasn’t been the same she looks like she’s in a daze,she starts screaming like she’s in pain, she doesn’t respond to me,she’s just not the same,so the next day in the morning I woke up and she still is acting weird. She also didn’t eat or drink water in the morning like she normally does. I checked for any physical wounds and I didnt find anything.please help shoud I take her to a vet?


Therese December 15, 2009 at 9:26 am

Joe, take your dog to the vet. It could be that she has some sort of injury that you can’t see.


Yvette December 16, 2009 at 11:17 pm

I have 4 dogs two chauaua mixes, a german pointer mix, and a great dane. My 20 year old daughter was walking one of my chauaua mixes and the german pointer in September on a normal rute for their walks. She always braught one large dog and one small one at a time. About 4 blocks from my house an unattended pit bull came out of his front yard and got ahold of my german pointer by the neck. (I found out the pit bull had killed another dog 2 weeks before this happened.) The women pleaded with me not to have her dog put to sleep. She kept telling me that her dog is her baby. All I could think was “would you keep your baby in a house unattended with the door open and walk 4 blocks away allowing the child to walk into the street”. She ended up having 30 staples around her left ear and to many stitches to count around her neck. This is 3 months later and I can’t even get her to go for a walk without her shaking. Anybody have any idea how long it could take for her to emotionally feel better. It even took her 6 weeks or so before she felt comfortable around the other dogs in my house. I am sooo worried that she will turn into an animal agressive dog because of this attack.


Amanda December 18, 2009 at 10:09 am

My dog was attacked a few days ago. My dog, Toby, is a dashchund and the dog that attacked him was a shepard mix. The attack was a lot like Lydia’s. There was no warning. He just grabed my dog and started shaking like my dog was a rag doll. My husband thru the dog off Toby. But everytime his legs hit the ground, he was right back on Toby. Once we got the dog off Toby we took him inside our house to see how bad he was hurt. There was blood everwhere. He had 5 or 6 punchure wonds and a gash about 1 inch. We immediately took him to our ER vet. Thankfully the owner of the dog paid for all of my dogs vet bills and the had their dog put down the very next day. Toby is doing better now, he is stilll very sore but I’m worrried he will be scard of other dogs now. He was always so friendly and outgoing. He loved people and children as well as other dogs. Did Lydia’s mind set change about other dogs? How long did it take her to be ok with going out for a walk?


anonymous December 28, 2009 at 10:33 pm

What a great blog, going for 2 years now. My wheaten terrier was maliciously attacked by a bull mastiff and if it weren’t for a man mowing his law running across the street to grab the bullies’s leash my wheaten would have been dead. She limped home and had to have emergency surgery that was close to $1,000. The owner of the bull mastiff did pay the bill and her vet recommended she put her dog down because of the way it attacked unprovoked. But my dog has never been the same. She is a scared and mean dog now. She is angry with me for not protecting her and will only go on walks with me if my husband accompanies me. Her temperament has completely changed and now she is a suspicious, angry and hostile dog that growls and shows her teeth at us. The other day I went to pet her and she bit me. I cried because she is my baby and I raised her from a pup. The attack has definitely changed her personality. We both have PTSD. I don’t trust other owners to know their own dogs any longer. We’re both a nervous wreck. 🙁


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