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Always check expiration dates on pet food

by Therese on January 7, 2008

in Pet Health, Pets

Checking expiration dates on food is something I’ve learned to do almost routinely because one of the grocery stores near my house doesn’t do a very good job of it themselves. I’ve had to return food a few times because I missed the expiration date until I got ready to open it. I’ve learned to save myself some hassle by checking the dates as I pick up the food in the store.

Pet food has expiration dates too, and stores don’t always get food off the shelves before it expires. I heard from Michele recently, who asked if I would remind people to check the expiration dates before buying any pet food. She bought a couple packages of Greenies just before Christmas, as a Christmas gift for her sister’s cats. She didn’t notice the expiration dates (February 07 and August 07) until she got home, which as it turns out, was the start of a bit of an ordeal. She contacted the store where she bought them and was told she could return them for more, but she’d have to pay the difference in price since they raised the price. It took a few emails and a phone call with the headquarters of the pet store chain for someone to take the initiative to get Michele an even exchange.

In the end, Michele did get some fresh Greenies for her sister’s cat, but had she noticed the expiration date sooner, she simply wouldn’t have bought them. She said since it was Christmas time, and the story was busy, she didn’t even think to look. Now though, she says she checks any food she busy…pet or human food.

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R McPheeters February 1, 2008 at 12:29 pm

Is an expiration date a legal requirement on all pet food sold in the US?

We are finding no expiry dates on some Wysong food.



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