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Movie Review: Underdog

by Therese on December 17, 2007

in Dogs, Movie Reviews

underdog_movie.jpgThere’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!

Do you remember that? If you’re a child of the 60s chances are you do! The Underdog cartoons are classic!

Underdog (Shoeshine) is a canine super hero, but not just any super hero. He’s a canine super hero that talks in rhyme, and though he is a bit clumsy at times he somehow always manages to save the day.

Since Underdog is one of my all-time favorite cartoons, when I had the chance to see the movie, I jumped at it. Unlike the original Underdog though, the movie isn’t a cartoon so I wondered how true to the cartoon it would be. I was pleasantly surprised! While the story is a bit different, Underdog is still Underdog…a somewhat reluctant hero who talks in rhyme, gets dressed for work in a phone booth, and flies into way too many buildings. And, of course, he’s still after the heart of Polly Purebred.

The movie stars Jason Lee (as the voice of Underdog), Jim Belushi (“According to Jim”), Amy Adams (Talladega Nights, Enchanted) and Patrick Warburton (“Seinfeld,” “Kim Possible”).

Here’s a synopsis…

Through a secret experiment gone awry, Shoeshine acquires incredible superpowers, including the ability to fly and speak. After escaping from the megalomaniacal doctor and his henchman Cad (Warburton), Shoeshine is adopted by an ex-cop (Belushi). Armed with a fetching superhero costume, Underdog vows to protect the beleaguered citizens of Capitol City and, in particular, one beautiful spaniel name Polly Purebred. When a diabolical plot by Barsinister and Cad threatens to destroy the city, only Underdog can save the day!

Underdog is available on DVD and Blue-ray Disk starting tomorrow, and in addition to the movie, the DVD contains these extras…

• Never-before-seen Bloopers
• Deleted Scenes
• “Underdog Raps”—A music video featuring Kyle Massey, star of Disney Channels hit show “Cory on the House.”
• Sit, Stay, Act: Diary of a Dog Actor—Shoeshine gives fans a peek at the making of the movie from his point of view. In an entertaining feature, Underdog “digs up” the real behind-the-scenes dirt.
• Underdog Original Cartoon Episode—“Safe Waif,” the very first cartoon episode featuring the caped canine.

Underdog is a fun movie – not just because it brought back memories, but because it is just plain fun. I also enjoyed watching how the movie was made and of course, the original Underdog cartoon. I’m sure Underdog fans, who now have kids of their own, will enjoy it just as much, if not more, than their kids.

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Ryan February 25, 2008 at 12:04 am

I have tried two different Underdog Blue-Ray discs from two different sources, and neither of them plays correctly. The previews work just fine, but the audio cuts out as soon as the main menu comes up. I have a Sharp Aqous BDP-20H player. I tried it in a Samsung 1400 at Best Buy today and it would not play audio or video on that machine.

Maybe the duplicator put out a bad batch of discs. Does anyone know who I can contact to find out what is going on? When I called Sharp, they said there are about a half dozen title that are giving players fits, but Underdog was not one of them They were going to add it to the list.


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