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Lost dog found, but not going home

by Therese on December 7, 2007

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A 7 year-old Chihuahua-miniature pinscher, Tootsie Roll, somehow managed to get free from her chain and was lost. Days later she was found and taken to a local animal shelter where she was adopted out. When the original owners found out their dog had been adopted out, they were also told there was nothing that could be done – the dog has a new home.

When Jenna Stubits, 15, got off the school bus Nov. 13, she noticed her 9-pound chihuahua-miniature pinscher, Tootsie Roll, wasn’t chained to her run in the backyard. Jenna and her mother, Sherry Stubits, searched all over for the 7-year-old canine. They made fliers, put an ad in the Grahamsville Townsman and offered a reward for whoever found Tootsie Roll.
Meanwhile, in Fallsburg, someone found the dog and called the animal control officer, Nancy Marinchak. Tootsie Roll had no license.

“We do everything by the state law,” Marinchak said. In fact, Fallsburg goes beyond the state law.

Article 7 of the Agriculture and Markets Law says dogs “shall be held for a period of five days from the day seized.” During those five days, the original owner can claim the pet. Marinchak holds animals for seven days. Then it’s on to the Humane Society of Middletown.

Around the same time that Tootsie Roll moved to Middletown, the woman who first called Marinchak saw one of the Stubits’ fliers and called Jenna. When Jenna and Sherry called Marinchak, they learned their dog had already been sent to Middletown. The Middletown shelter manager, Linda Maresca, told them that Tootsie Roll had been adopted Nov. 24, two days after she arrived from Fallsburg.

Jenna and Sherry want their dog back. They have hired a lawyer, but Maresca has staked out her position. “We acted according to the law,” Maresca said yesterday. “If the dog had an ID or had a chip, we would have done everything” to find the original owner, she added.

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Not knowing the whole story, and having lost dogs myself, I have to feel bad for Jenna and her mom. At the same time though, I have to wonder how much of a loved pet Tootsie Roll could have been if she lived outside on a chain. It gets cold in New York, where this dog is from, and she’s a chihuahua-miniature pinscher mix, so it’s not like she has a lot of fur to keep her warm. Whether Tootsie Roll goes back to her old home or stays with her new people, I hope she has a nice, comfortable house to live in with people, and doesn’t have to live chained to a dog house.

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jan December 7, 2007 at 1:44 pm

I can’t even imagine chaining a dog outside during the winter and I live in a warm climate. A dog should be inside or on a leash for a walk. It’s hard to believe those people are loving owners.


Therese December 7, 2007 at 8:48 pm

Jan, I don’t quite get it either. If you look at the photo there’s another dog house in the background, which makes me wonder if they chain another dog out as well.


jamie August 25, 2011 at 11:25 pm

i can personally attest to the fact that these people ARE loving dog owners, the dog was more than likely put out to do her business an get some exercise…we here in this particular area of new york tend to have larger pieces of property than many other suburban areas (we are, in fact, rural) the dog did not ‘live’ on a chain. I recently met this dog warden, Nancy, for the first time, and i cannot even begin to tell you how beyond unpleasant my experience was with her. I have never, ever, ever in my life encountered anybody as rude as Nancy. I was agreeing with her on every account and somehow, she still found it necessary to throw an absolute fit in the town clerks office of Fallsburg, ny. i was missing a piece of paper work on a friends dog, whom i was only trying to help. the veterinary clinic he was vaccinated at is closed at that time of day. Nancy said i would have to pay another $100 if i couldn’t pick the dog up that day and had to do it the following day. Half way through my attempts to arrange to meet with her the following day, she conveniently changed her mind at the last moment and said she was ‘just too busy’ and the dog (who is the sweetest chocolate lab you’d ever want to meet) would have to stay at her ‘private and secure’ kennel until the following monday, making it nearly $600 to retrieve the dog…all because she did not want to take five minutes out of her day to meet me at the place she was planning on being anyways. this woman is beyond unprofessional. she also threatened to euthanize the dog repeatedly.


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