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Tommy’s trip to the veterinarian

by Therese on June 1, 2006

in Pets, Random Thoughts

This evening I took my brother’s cat, Tommy, to see the vet and although I told him it would be ok, I don’t think he believed me. It started out on a rocky note when I had to put Tommy in the cat carrier. He went in without too much trouble…I didn’t get any scratches…but he made it clear that he was NOT happy about it.

The ride to the animal clinic isn’t that far and Tommy did quite well. He meowed that nervous, pitiful nervous kitty meow a few times but quieted down when I talked to him. The real fun came after we were escorted back to the exam room. As soon as I opened the door to the carrier I noticed he was all wet. OOPS…the poor guy got super nervous and peed on himself somewhere between home and the vet’s office. Before I had a chance to ease him out of the carrier, he bolted and quickly jumped off the table and crouched in the corner. As he scurried out of carrier, the urine splattered all over the place…and of course, on the vet tech and me even though we both ducked. I’m sure the vet tech was glad Tommy was his last patient of the day!

We got everything cleaned up and then, with the help of a towel, the tech was able to get Tommy back up on the table with no trouble at all. Tommy did remarkably well once he got the pee scared out of him! He endured the vet tech looking him over, the doctor’s exam, three shots, and a pill without putting up a fight.  I was amazed at how still he was and how he tolerated all of the people who poked and prodded. Nobody even ended up with a scratch, something I wasn’t expecting at all after his initial reaction.

As if all the exam stuff wasn’t enough, since he’d managed to get himself all pee-soaked I had the groomer at the vet’s office give Tommy a bath. She said he got uppity once but after that he let them do their thing. Once she was done, back into the (cleaned) cat carrier he went and this time he didn’t fight it quite as much. Maybe he knew he’d be going back home, or maybe he was just glad to be away from people!

Tommy’s been home for a few hours now and I just got word from my brother that he’s back to his calm, purring self!

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