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Woman dies while saving her dog’s life

by Therese on September 16, 2007

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I just taught a pet first aid class this afternoon, and one of the things I try to get across is to stay safe. Yes, pet first aid is intended to help a pet who is in immediate need of attention, but in giving that first aid people need to keep their own safety, and that of others, in the forefront as well. It’s a recurring theme in the Pet Tech classes that I teach.

One of the scenarios I present is this…

You’re walking down the street with your dog, and although the dog is on a leash, he manages to get away and bolt into the street. Now, for many of us, our first reaction would be to dart out there into the street to get the dog. But doing this can actually cause a second casualty to happen. If you run out there to save your dog, you may get hit right along with him, or instead of him – in either case you will be of no use to your pet. As hard as it may be to stand by and watch, if you cannot direct your dog with voice commands, the only safe thing to do is wait it out. When it becomes safe (meaning traffic clears or stops) that is when you need to rush to your pet’s side and take care of him.

Sadly, this very thing happened to an Atlanta area woman recently. When her puppy ran out into the street, she ran after him, and although she was able to save the dog, her life was lost. It’s a heartbreaking story for sure.

Dunwoody resident Ellena Hudgins couldn’t save her daughter, but she was able to save her puppy by sacrificing her own life.

Mrs. Hudgins, 69, died Thursday night after she darted across I-85 in South Carolina to rescue her coal-colored pug, Shadow. South Carolina officials believe the dog jumped out of the car after Mrs. Hudgins pulled over to the emergency lane at about 10:30 p.m. to let her dog relieve himself and to close the top of her convertible after it had started to drizzle.

Mrs. Hudgins ran across a couple of lanes, scooped up her pooch and turned to head back to her car when she was struck by an SUV, Anderson County deputy coroner Don McCown said. Hudgins died at the scene. Shadow, who was flung to the pavement, suffered a busted chin and a dislocated hip.

The victim’s husband, Sam Hudgins, 74, hurried to Anderson County and broke down in tears when he saw Shadow’s injuries, thinking back to how he had urged his wife to put the puppy on his leash.

“If Ellena had just listened to me, that could have been prevented and she would be alive,” he said Saturday through tears when talking about his wife since 1955.

Read the rest here.

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jan September 17, 2007 at 2:40 pm

In my rational moments I’m sure I would behave rationally. But if one of my dogs was in danger, I’m afraid I might just react and it might not be the best actions.


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