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“Dog Days” of Summer – Planning a Fun Day at the Dog Beach with Fluffy!

by Linzy Trueblood on March 21, 2013

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Summer is just around the corner, FINALLY!!! You and your dog, of course, are ready to hit the beach full swing! Picture the warm sand beneath your toes, oh and paws! Playing in the ocean catching the waves, Frisbee games… ready to hop in the car? ☺ Below for you are important helpful tips to ensure your experience with your dog is a safe, fun-filled experience for the both of you:

1. Check for any rules at the beach you and your canine friend intend to visit. Abide by all of them.

2. Make sure your dog’s collar and tags are secure and water proof. Make sure your phone number is on the tags.

3. What to Pack in Your Dog’s Bag:

• Sunscreen: Yes, dogs can get sunburned. Use lotion specifically made for dogs as the ingredients in “people” sunscreen can harm your dog. Apply lotion to your dog’s ears, nose, and the inside back of the legs at least 30-minutes before getting to the beach. Re-apply it frequently while at the beach.

• T-shirt: Dogs with minimal or no fur should wear a T-shirt when at the beach.

• Cool water and doggie bowl: Take plenty of cool water and offer it to your dog every hour or so.

• Treats: The beach seems to make everyone hungry. Your dog is no exception. Offer treats with the water. They can also be used to reward and praise your dog for appropriate behavior.

• Ice-cooler: To keep water and treats cool.

• Doggie life preserver: If your dog is not an exceptional swimmer (some dogs can’t swim), be sure your dog wears a life jacket. Ocean waves can be treacherous.

• Blanket or large towel: For your dog to lie on when resting. Hot sand can scorch delicate paw pads. Your dog may not want to rest, but for your dog’s health you need to have your dog rest every 2-3-hours or your dog may become exhausted.

• Umbrella or “beach tent”: Your dog can easily become overheated. A place to be shaded from the sun is important.

• First Aid Kit: For cut paws or jelly fish stings. The kit should contain: cotton balls, ammonia (for stings—dilute with water), peroxide (to clean wounds), and bandages.

• Plastic litterbags: For trash and to pick up dog poop.

4. Beach Etiquette:

Keep your eyes on your dog at all times. Monitor other dogs behaviors around your dog to help prevent a possible dogfight. If your dog does start a fight, pull your dog to the side immediately. Be respectful to others and their dogs always.

Don’t allow your dog to bother other beach goers.

Dogs are predators. Make sure your dog doesn’t chase or scare the other animals at the beach.

Pick up all of your dog’s poop.

5. Safety Tips:

Don’t let your dog drink salt water. It is an irritant and can cause vomiting or diarrhea. If your dog drinks salt water, take your dog out of the water.

Monitor your dog closely as there are dangers; rip tides, jelly fish, predator birds, sharp seashells and rocks.

Know the signs of overheating: excessive/rapid panting, drooling, coordination problems, vomiting or diarrhea, collapse.

Keep your dog on a leash—a long one—unless your dog is extremely obedient to the recall command. Dogs, like little children, get excited when playing and easily forget the rules and ignore commands.

Give your dog a thorough rinsing after the beach trip to get rid of salt and other beach irritants. Check your dog for cuts, abrasions, or other injuries and treat as needed.

Now it’s time to mark your calendar and plan your trip to the dog beach for lots of fun in the sun! From all of us at Passionate 4 Pets, have a safe and wonderful summer and we hope you get lots of fun beach days with your best canine friend! ☺

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Denver Dog Sitter April 16, 2013 at 6:07 pm

I love it! What a great blog. I never really thought about sunscreen for dogs. Thanks for the tips!


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