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Dogs Are Like Snowflakes: By Nicole Bruder

by Ryan on November 15, 2012

in Dogs

I thought this would be an appropriate title for this month’s blog since the weather is cooling down! Although it is cutesy, it is true. Dogs are like snowflakes. I came to this conclusion the other day while I was walking my clients’ dogs. Every dog needs love, attention, food, and water- they are similar in that way, just as humans are. However, each one of the dogs I walk are different; they all have their own personality and character; each little soul is special in its own way. This is important to remember as a dog walker and pet sitter. Dog walking isn’t as simple as leashing the dog and walking him or her and providing fresh water. There is no cookie cutter way of walking a dog; there is so much more! Depending on the dog’s size and personality, you may need a basic harness, gentle leader, harness with a martingale loop on the chest, etc.  Some dogs may be more comfortable walking on a certain side depending on their sight and hearing. As a dog walker, part of my job is to assess how the dog behaves, plays, obeys, and commands. Then after getting to know the dog, I’ll know best how to walk him or her. Some dogs also need different kinds of attention when their owners are away, too. I used to teach elementary school, and at the beginning of each year, the children would enter my classroom on the first day of first grade differently. Some children were excited, some scared, some nervous and sad. This is exactly how dogs are when they experience something different and away from their parents. Some are excited and happy to be with anyone who will give them a belly rub, some need to be distracted with a toy, and some need gentle cuddling. Once we know how the dogs we care for react in different situations, then we are able to care for them in the best way possible, because dogs are special and unique…just like snowflakes.

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Eric Tomasello November 17, 2012 at 6:39 pm

Great story and so true as I am a dog walker in Orlando, FL and find it to be true just how different each dog. Just had an experience today with a doxie a neighbor walked by looked at me then the dog and said “that is the first time that dog has not barked at me” They are all different with me than their owner.


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