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Kritter Sitter gives pets more than just cuddles

by Therese on August 29, 2007

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sandy_shiloh.jpg Sandy Daens, owner of Kritter Sitter in Pleasant View, TN, is a woman I know from a pet sitter email list that we’ve both been on for years. I didn’t realize it until I read the article but she and I started our pet sitting businesses at just about the same time – around 9/11 – not exactly the best time to start a new pet sitting business! Anyway, from what I’ve seen through conversations on the email list, Sandy seems to be extremely intent on providing the absolute best care possible to the pets she is entrusted with. So, if you’re in her area, give her a call if you need pet care.

Sandy also helped me out a bit during the frenzy early on in the pet food recall. (Thank you, Sandy!)

Update: Sandy asked me to let people know she’s in Pleasant View, not Cedar Hill as the article states.

From the Ashland City Times…

The need for reliable pet care while traveling prompted Cedar Hill resident Sandy Daens to start her business, Kritter Sitter.

“We opened right before 9/11,” Daens said. “The timing could not have been worse.” People stopped traveling because of the fear of terrorism, she said. She said she stuck with it through the hard times after the terrorist attack. Her business has been growing ever since.

Born in Germany and raised by Belgian parents, Daens has lived all over the world including Germany, Colorado, Kansas and California. She now lives in Cedar Hill, where her pet sitting business serves Cheatham, Robertson and Montgomery counties.

“Ninety percent of my clients are in Cheatham County,” Daens said. “Cheatham County is one of the most beautiful places in Tennessee.”


“My real love is animals,” Daens said, who feels a definite closeness to the variety of animals she gets to look after. In addition to dogs and cats, she has also looked after sheep, goats and chickens.

Daens sees her bond with her collie, Shiloh, as a tremendous source of comfort, strength and counsel.

She and Shiloh work together as a dog therapy team visiting nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities. “Studies have shown that pets can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress,” Daens said. “I have seen first-hand the emotional and physical benefits that pets have on people.”

Daens said that professional pet-sitting is much more than just cuddling animals and filling up their food and water bowls. “You really have to know animals – from reading their body language to recognizing warning signs of illness,” Daens said. Administering medication and knowing what to do in an emergency are just as critical to providing proper professional care for clients.

Read more about Sandy.

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