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ICE for Pets: an emergency notification app for pet owners

by Therese on May 18, 2012

in Pets, Product Reviews

In Case of Emergency smart phone app for pet ownersThe “In Case of Emergency” Mobile App (ICE for Pets) that could be very useful to pet owners. It gives pet owners a way to make sure someone is contacted if they’re unavailable to care for their pets. The way it works is very simple.

When you leave your pets alone simply use ICEforPets to create an “In Case of Emergency” push notification text message. This text message will alert your emergency contact at a specific time should something happen to you.

It’s very easy to set up. Just type in the text message you want to send, the number you want it sent to, then choose when to send it. You can set the text message to be sent up to 48 hours in the future.

I can see this app being especially helpful for pet owners who are traveling and may not be able to get phone service along the way. Although many pet sitters will continue pet sitting if they don’t hear from a client, a text from ICE for Pets can serve as a reminder to the sitter that the client hasn’t made it home yet.

The one thing people using the app will need to be mindful of is canceling the text if they arrive home on time. To help them remember, they can set up a text to come to their own phone shortly before the text goes out to their emergency contact. At that time they can cancel the scheduled text if they’re home and all is well. If the developer does updates of the app, I’d like to see a built in reminder to the pet owner a short time before the text is to go out to their emergency contact.

In addition to the notification feature of the app, there’s room to add information about your pets, including photos, veterinary contact info, health problems, medications, etc.

All in all, this is an cool little app for pet owners who want an extra safety measure in place to ensure consistent care for their pets.

ICE for Pets is only 99 cents and is available for iPhone and Android.

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Dalton June 6, 2012 at 10:18 am

That is a nifty little app! Rather helpful on flight issues that can delay arrivals.


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