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Petco removes potentially dangerous dog toy from shelves

by Therese on February 27, 2012

in Dogs, Pet Health

Many pet toys contain toxic chemicals. Organic toys are much better for their health.A dog toy found to contain toxic chemicals has been removed from Petco shelves, at least temporarily. Petco is now doing their own testing on the toys and has removed them from store shelves, at least until they have the test results.

An investigation by KIAH-TV’s “The NewsFixer” has led to a removal of a dog toy that threatened the health of a Houston canine. The toy “Snuggling Furry Friend,” sold as a private brand under the Petco label, was found to contain traces of Trimethyl Benzene, Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead, along with Naphthalene, the main ingredient in moth balls.

The toxins were detected in the Petco toy by an independent laboratory after a NewsFix viewer, Mark Smith of Houston, told the station his Chow Mix “Charlet” became sick after first chewing on the toy in December 2011. After inquiries by “The NewsFixer,” Petco agreed to pay for Smith’s veterinary expenses. Petco said it would also test all similar toys sold in its retail outlets for toxic substances.

Petco representative Lisa Epstein said, “We did, in fact, direct our stores yesterday (2/23) to remove the Lambswool Tug with Squeaker Dog Toy from our shelves, pending the results of random sample tests that will be conducted and analyzed at an accredited laboratory. The decision to take this action was out of an abundance of caution – and it is not a product recall.”

Read more here: KIAH-TV Newsfixer prompts removal of dog toy from Petco shelves.

Update: I called PetSmart to get a picture of the toy, but was told they took it off their website and don’t have a photo of it. However, Charry at The Pet Depot posted a picture of the toy. When she first posted the picture, she had a link to it at PetSmart. Since then, however, it’s been removed from the PetSmart website.



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mark smith February 27, 2012 at 9:05 pm

I never washed a toy before but after this, please try to buy US made toys and always washed them. Charlet got so sick so fast christmas morning.

Mark S


Deanna March 3, 2012 at 12:54 pm

I stopped buying stuffed dog toys made for dogs. I have read that there really are no safety standards in their making…inferior or toxic materials can and are used, fillings that are just not safe for anyone! If I want stuffed toys for my guys…and we always do, I buy used baby stuffed animals…made for babies…or children. Usually I find these very in expensively at garage sales, thrift stores etc. if there are plastic eyes I remove them and just toss them in the wash. You can buy the squeekers that go inside in bulk online…I think I bought 150 squeekers for $7. I open a small seam in the animals, slip in the squeekers and whip stitch back up the seam with upholstery thread…works great and safer!! Way cheaper than the pet shoppes too!!!


John Brennan March 6, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Good Day! I hope you’re all having a pleasant one.

What does the toy look like… can you please post a photo/image.?

5 years ago this St. Patricks day, my sweetheart Page, a lab/shepard mix, died from complications after an operation to remove what was left of a Rope Toy. Apparently, she found it in the dog park and swallowed it… she probably thought it was cat poop… cat poop seems to be a delicacy for many dogs…

Who knows why she swallowed it… but the rope part went down into her intestines and there was a plastic part that got stuck in her stomach… plugging up her stomach while the rope proceeded to choke up her intestines.

They operated on her for many hours… and the morning of St. Pats she was doing wonderful… by evening she had “leaked” and gotten “septic”… the poisons and fluids from her intestines were killing her.

Rope toys are bad… very bad… don’t buy them… or closely supervise when your dog is playing with one. Take it away when they’re done. Look out for anything that can be swallowed by your dog… not just dog toys… some dogs find other things to use as toys.

Post a pic of The Dangerous Toy… so people know what to look out for.

John B.


Lea R. October 4, 2012 at 12:59 am

My puppy, Perry, died this past Sunday on what would have been his 1st birthday because of a rope toy. He had to undergo 2 surgeries because he developed complications after the 1st surgery. He, too, had fluid leaked into his belly that was full of bacteria. I am doing all I can to get the word out about how dangerous rope toys are- to anyone who will listen. I now know after doing a lot of research that I wish I would have known before I gave Perry his toy. You can see more of what I am doing at http://www.facebook.com/perrysmission.


John Brennan March 7, 2012 at 11:06 am

Deanna… I think your suggestions and ideas are excellent. When I had my big lab mix dogs a bunch of years ago… they were crazy playful together… and I too used to get mixed bags of kids toys, dolls, etc… at the thrift store. I used to supervise their play as I dumped the toys on the floor and watch them go bonkers. I still remember and laugh hysterical with the vision of them tugging and tearing apart a large minnie mouse together.

That’s an awesome idea about the squeakers.

***** in my next post… I’ll tell you what happened last night, not long after my last post here… you’re not going to believe it. *****


Holly McCutcheon March 27, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Where is this toy made? China?


Jacqueline June 24, 2012 at 10:24 am

If I had to guess, I’d say YES, that they are probably made in China. After our Jack Russell/Poodle mix, Clio, dies from kidney disease last year (in searching the Web I found that Chicken Jerky Treats distributed by Kingdom Pets and Made in China) was most likely the culprit…I now NEVER by food, toys, leads or anything Made in China. The FDA is supposedly checking into this after many dogs have gotten sick or died (we have filed with the FDA also), but I don’t trust them…a US government group that is suppose to “protect” us from toxics imported into our country. Yeah, right.


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