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Products for people allergic to pet dander

by Therese on July 28, 2007

in Cats, Dogs, Health, Pets, Product Reviews

30898414.jpgA few weeks ago I got a pillow cover in the mail from Achoo Allergy, along with information about the products they sell for people with allergies. Their catalog includes bedding, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and more. The pillow cover they sent me is made of fabric with very small pores that keep dust mites and dander from getting through.

Unfortunately I’m allergic to cat & dog dander so I thought I’d sleep on it for a while…literally…before I wrote anything about the pillow covers. Like I said, I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I have seen a difference. Since my cat and one of my dogs usually sleep on my bed, there’s no way to block out all the allergens, but the cover certainly seems to cut down on some of them. I haven’t been as congested as usual, and as an added bonus, since I use feather pillows, I haven’t had any feathers poking through the fabric. I may just have to get a couple more.

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Valerija Pastor January 10, 2010 at 7:30 pm

I have a bad allergy on dogs, I stop breading when I’m a sleep. I have a dog but not inside the house. My partner had a dog, in his house and in the bedroom, that how I ghat the allergy his dog is outside now but I still have a bad reaction not that bad I don’t sweep round where dog is will it going to go a way. I”M AFRAID TO SLEEP comes 3 to 4 times a night sometimes…regards Valerie


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