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Pet sitter resources for clients. What are yours?

by Mel Freer on August 29, 2011

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As a pet sitter, I believe it is not only my job to care for a client’s pets but also to be a resource for them. I have a lot of experience and knowledge from my many years as a volunteer at my local Humane Society, and as a STAR volunteer working with the behaviorally challenged dogs, but there is still a lot I don’t know. As hard as I try, I’ll never be an expert in all things pets. But my clients know that if I don’t know the answer, I know where they can find it.

Early on I developed a sort of Rolodex file of people, websites, blogs, and other resources that I could go to when a client needs help. I thought I would share just a few of my favorites with you.

Dog Food Rating Tool from K9 Cuisine is a great way for clients to determine if their dog food is a healthy choice for their dogs. It educates as it collects information on your dog food and then provides you with a rating at the end.

Dogs and Storks is a awesome website for pet parents who are about to introduce a new baby into their home. There are a lot of things new parents can do to prepare their pets and their homes for their new arrival and this site shows them how.

Fearfuldogs.com – Debbie is an expert in dealing with fearful dogs. I have referred many a client and friend to her website.  She also has a great blog. It’s a great place for fearful dog owners to connect.

Go Pet Friendly is a great resource for pet parents who would like to take their pet on that occasional trip. I realize this seems like a strange recommendation for a pet sitter to make, but sometimes clients want or need to take their pet with them. I would much rather provide them with a reliable resource that creates a “refer-able moment” than one that doesn’t.

Jackson Galaxy’s blog is a great resource for cat owners. Jackson has a show on Animal Planet called My Cat from Hell. It is probably one of the better resources out there for cat owners. I have learned a ton about cat behavior from him.

PetSitUSA Blog and Truth About Pet Food – I always know that these two sites will be among the first to alert me to any pet food and/or pet treat recalls. It allows me to alert my clients as soon as an alert goes out.

Pet Savings is a great place for clients to save money on a wide variety of pet products. They can also enter into several free giveaways!

By becoming your clients’ go-to person for all things pets, they know they’ll always have someone to turn to when they need some pet-related help. But, you’ll also be setting yourself up as the person they immediatley think of when someone asks if they know a good pet sitter.

Are you a resource for your clients? I always love to hear what other pet sitters are using to help their clients, so what are some of the resources you use to help your clients?

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Stormee August 29, 2011 at 7:03 pm

I agree and there is so much to learn. Things I find helpful are what you mentioned above and love that you posted that, I will gladly add that to my reference area. Basic behavior person, behavioral type changes and what animals are trying to communicate to pet parent, holistic type products which I will even be distributor for soon, I also feel things like animal first aid and cpr are great for pet parents and having their own first aid kit knowing what is safe for otc for dogs/cats which Pet Tech is the one i recommend. and even a seamstress for special custom fit outfits! as well as a site to go to for the outdoorsy family and pet that make quality products. Even keep handy a cleaning persons number, and amazing manicurest, (helping to keep the balance of work/home to ensure best quality of time ever when at home and who doesnt like to be pampered) and of course a groomer.


Stormee Greenberg September 4, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Hello, i wanted to tell you that I found your dog food link very interesting, educating, and helpful. I switched my one of little girls over to Halo, and I feel very good about this decision thanks to the helpful link you posted.
Thank you again.


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