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Memories of 4-H dog shows and my dog Sam

by Therese on July 10, 2007

in Fun Stuff, Pets, Random Thoughts

samNtc.jpgI was looking through news articles on Google and kept coming across announcements of 4-H competitions and dog shows, and it brought back a flood of memories! I grew up in the midwest, in Indianapolis, where 4-H is a huge thing for kids, especially in the summer. Most of my friends were 4-H members and we all put a lot of time & energy into it. I think many of us lived for the summers when we would work on projects and exhibit posters, artwork, or other creations at the local fairs, and if we did really well…at the state fair.

I took on a lot of projects during the summer but my favorite was dog training. I absolutely loved training my dog, Sam, and worked with him all year long to get ready for the 4-H dog shows. He was a black poodle, and smart as can be – a whiz at hand signals and always right on when it came to scent discrimination. And yes, we usually did quite well and won a ton of trophies. I don’t have all our our trophies but I do have all the ribbons we ever won.

What I didn’t realize back then was that I wasn’t just learning how to train my dog, bake a cake, learn about conservation, or how to identify different trees. I was learning a lot more than that – how to work with other people, how to be the best at whatever I do, or how to become a leader. 4-H was such a fun way to learn that I never realized I was learning as much as I did. My involvement in 4-H probably has a lot to do with who I am now, and full of experiences I’d never trade for anything. And I’m sure there are many other people who would say the same.

Just for fun…the photo is of Sam and me with our costume class trophy at one of the shows. At the Indiana State Fair, the dog show also had a costume contest. Sam was a little ham – he loved getting dressed up, and really liked pushing the baby stroller all by himself. I had to put it away at times so he would leave it alone!

So anyway, if you have a chance to take in a 4-H dog show, go! The kids put a lot of energy and time into training their dogs and you’ll be in for a real treat.

Ahhh…what memories!

FYI, if you’re looking for 4-H dog shows, or other dog shows, go to DogHobbyist.com, where I maintain a list of pet events throughout the country. I’ll dig up some more 4-H shows and get them added.

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jan July 10, 2007 at 5:47 pm

I grew up in Indiana, belonged to 4-H and have happy memories of the Indiana State Fair. You touched on some great rememberances of some times past.

The picture is too priceless.


AuthorMomWithDogs July 12, 2007 at 6:03 pm

Yep, another 4-H’er here too. Good stuff. šŸ™‚


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