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Two Dog Books: Dog Photos and Dog Travel

by Therese on November 9, 2010

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Rescued in America, the photo book projects, raising money for rescued dogs and shelter dogsRescued in America, by Melissa McDaniel is part of the Photo Book Project series. Melissa traveled across the USA photographing beloved dogs who didn’t get the greatest start in life. At one time, every one of the dogs was either a stray or adopted from a shelter or rescue. Her goal with the book is to raise awareness about shelter dogs, and how wonderful they can be. When I look through the book, I can feel the love everyone has for their dogs. These dogs may have had a rough time in the past, but that’s certainly not the case now!

I’m pleased to say that Archie and Lydia are both in the book. You’ll find Archie on page 20 and Lydia on page 120. All of the dogs in the book are gorgeous but of course, I happen to think my two outshine the rest. (Just don’t tell anybody I said that!) I’m sure everyone thinks their dogs are the stars of the book – and that’s just how it should be!

The other Photo Book Projects book available is the Deaf Dogs Photo Book. As the owner of a deaf dog herself, she wanted to do the same as she is doing for shelter dogs – let people know they are great dogs in spite of the fact that they can’t hear. I haven’t seen the Deaf Dogs Photo Book, but I’m sure it’s just as heartwarming as Rescued in America (you know…the one Lydia & Archie star in!)

Part of the profits from the online sale of the books is going to help shelter dogs (30% goes to the Petfinder.com Foundation), so go buy a book! You can buy them directly from The Photo Book Projects website.

dog travel tips - how to travel with your petsLet’s Go Fido: A guide to safe traveling and vacationing with your pets, was written by a fellow Pet Tech Instructor, Mary Oquendo. This little book is an easy read, with a number of good tips for anyone who travels with their cat or dog. The majority of suggestions are simple, inexpensive, and easy to do. For example, Mary suggests taking copies of all your pets vaccination records and other important health records. Shot records may be especially important if you’re crossing state lines, and medical records will be helpful in emergencies. Other suggestions include what type of food and water to take with you, water safety, camping dos and don’ts, and much more. Mary also offers websites for pet owners to find out more about topics she touches on, and where to purchase recommended products.

Taking pets along on a vacation can be a lot of fun, and a little bit of planning can help make things go smoothly. Mary’s goal is to help you make that happen.

Mary is a Pet Tech pet first aid instructor, and owner of Pawsitively Pretty Mobile Grooming Salon in Danbury, CT. You can order Let’s Go Fido from Amazon, in print or Kindle.

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