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Book Review: Beezer and Boomer by Doug Koktavy

by Ryan on August 10, 2010

in Book Reviews, Dogs

Beezer and Boomer, by Doug KoktavyThe Legacy of Beezer and Boomer: Lessons on Living and Dying from My Canine Brothers – I really like this book and highly recommend it to anyone who has pets as family members!

Beezer and Boomer, by Doug Koktavy, will bring comfort to anyone who has ever felt alone in caring for a dying pet, or in dealing with the grief that comes after losing a pet.

This is Doug Koktavy’s story of caring for his two dogs Beezer and Boomer. In it he recounts the illnesses and deaths of his beloved dogs – how he deals with everything and what he learns along the way. He writes about his love for his dogs, the veterinarians who care for them, medical treatments, the anguish of making decisions, animal communicators who help them, the friends he calls on for help, and much more. The real value of this book though, lies in fact that, all through it, he lets us into his head and his heart.

Doug lets us in on his innermost thoughts and feelings  and he doesn’t hold anything back! As an attorney, Doug is normally in control of situations, but that’s not always the case where his dogs are concerned. He describes times when the reality of what they’re going through is so unbearably painful that he breaks down in tears. It’s at those times, and many others, when he reveals some of his most private feelings that I could really identify with.  I cried right along with Doug, both because I could feel how much he hurt, but also because it brought back feelings I had while taking care of pets who were terminally ill – as well as my parents. It’s a pretty powerful book in that regard!

Through it all, Doug learns some pretty big lessons about himself, his dogs, the art of letting go, and about cherishing gifts that, on the surface, don’t look much like gifts at all. He credits Beezer and Boomer as his wise teachers who lead him along a path where he learns about life – lessons we could all stand to learn.

You can buy the book through Amazon (affiliate link), or if you’d like an autographed copy, you can get one from Doug’s website – Beezer and Boomer. Be ready to meet a guy and his dogs who you’ll fall in love with – and keep the tissues handy!

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Doug Koktavy August 14, 2010 at 4:23 pm

Thank you to PetSitUSA for the wonderful book review. I’d like to alert your members that Beezer And Boomer have a special affiliate program where companion animal businesses can promote the book and earn a 30% commission. No out of pocket cost and we don’t want your credit card. Here’s the link. After all, many of you are the first confidants your clients speak to when a pet ages or gets sick. Now you can help!



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