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Pet sitter book review: How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business

by Therese on March 11, 2010

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The pet sitting industry is growing, and driving pet sitters to be the best at what they do by being professional and offering excellent service, while building a profitable business. So when I was offered an advance copy of How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business, by Danielle Chonody, I hoped it would be a book worth reading – one that would help pet sitters up the game a bit for themselves and the industry as a whole.

It is!

How To Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business  is a must read for all pet sitting business owners – rookies as well as veteran pet sitters. In it Danielle will guide you through the steps to create exceptional service for your clients and their pets, while building your company into a profitable pet care business.

Rather than taking a cookbook approach like some books on starting and operating a pet sitting business, How To Create Excellence will force you to think like a successful, professional, business owner. Danielle outlines various steps to take and systems to set up, but she also asks questions that will guide you into making appropriate decisions for your particular business.

The pet sitting industry is growing and pet owners are becoming more discriminating about who they hire to care for their pets. Because of this, the pet sitters (and other pet service providers) that are going to succeed are the ones that operate in a businesslike manner, offer great customer service, and provide the best care possible for pets they’re entrusted with. How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business is a resource that will help you become one of the success stories.

How to Create Excellence was designed with pet sitters in mind, but in reality, it’s a great book for owners of any type of pet business.

How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business (affiliate link) is available from Amazon, or you can get started with a free chapter here.

Disclaimer: I was offered an advanced copy of the book for review purposes, but even if I’d bought the book you’d get the very same review.

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