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Cat toy review: FroliCat BOLT

by Therese on February 24, 2010

in Cats, Contest, Fun Stuff

Tequila’s been trying out a new cat toy lately called the FroliCat BOLT. The manufacturers sent us one to try out and we both like it!

The BOLT is a pretty cool cat toy. Inside the little bowling pin shaped device there’s a little laser light that reflects off of a mirror. When the mirror moves around, so does the laser, keeping your cat busy for quite a while. The BOLT can be placed on a flat surface, like a table or the floor, but it’s also small enough to hold in your hand so you can direct the laser yourself. Once it’s turned on, the laser will move around on the floor, the wall, and everything in between!

As I write this, Tequila’s eyes are glued to the little red dot that’s moving around the room. Since she’s not been feeling all that well lately, she doesn’t pounce like she would have a few months ago, but the laser light still keeps her attention for a long time! She’s figured it out though and wants to check out the toy itself. For this reason it’s important to be sure the laser doesn’t get directly in your pet’s eyes as well as your own.

The BOLT has a timer on it so that when you turn it on, it’ll go for 15 minutes then turn off. I’ve turned it on at least three times so far this morning and kitty is still interested.

Tequila’s giving the BOLT a paws up and I’m giving it a thumbs up. This is a great cat toy.


So, do you think your kitty would like one of these cool cat toys? If so, tell us a little about your cat – we’ll accept entries until Sunday, March 7. Then, on Monday, March 8 we’ll pick a winner, who will get his or her very own FroliCat BOLT! (be sure to read our contest rules.)

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Urbancritter, of Seattle!

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Nancy Weikle February 25, 2010 at 7:24 am

We have 6 cats but the most active is Idgie, our Egyptian Mau He literally came knocking at our door one night and we’ve now had him in our lives for over a year. Idgie is very talkative and extremely active. He rushes around like a mad man through the house, then hides until one of the other cats strolls past his hideout. Idgie pounces on the other cat and tussles around playing WWF champion. When he’s tired he just stops like he put on the brakes, climbs into a chair or my lap and falls fast asleep.


Josie and Baby Girl February 25, 2010 at 12:05 pm

My Baby Girl kitty adopted me. She started come to my home every night about 9 PM. She was a sweet little black kitty who loved to be petted. One night I was late getting home and she had her front paws up on the window looking for me. That did it I took her in to find her a good home. Little did I know she had already found her own. The was six years ago and she is still a sweet loving little kitty.Baby Girl is a real couch potato and could really use some more exercise as she has gotten larger over the years.


Urbancritter February 25, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Since his big brother died in January, Jasper has been struggling his way out of a nasty depression that nearly killed him too (he stopped eating and got quite sick). With lots of TLC, handfeeding and naturopathic help, he is coming back to his little orange, chubby-toed self but is still not playing much. EXCEPT when I pull out my laser pointer mouse! That perks his ears up and he’s now getting to the point where he’ll get up and chase the little red dot around the house! YAY! Exercise = endorphins = happier kitty!
Now if I could just figure out how to give him more opportunities to do this…. oh, look! Petsitusa.com has a laser toy giveaway!!


AuntChristine February 25, 2010 at 3:05 pm

I saw the FroliCat Bolt in PetCo the other day (locked in the cabinet where they keep the priceless items LOL) and thought how much my young cat, Kojak, would enjoy that, and how the five older cats might spring into action as well. Kojak is a formerly feral kitten that I nursed back to health, literally from the brink of death. He’s named Kojak after the bald TV detective, Kojak, because when he came to me he was covered in sores and ringworm and fleas and had practically no hair (and very little meat on his bones too). Today, Kojak is a thriving and beautiful black and white spotted cat, huge, with a gorgeous smooth velvety coat. He is a spirited hunter and true to his species he catches or tries to catch anything that moves. You would have to see him in his before and after photo’s to believe him LOL


Susan February 26, 2010 at 4:54 pm

I can assure you the 7 kitties in this house would adore an automatic laser toy (laser toys in general are beloved in our house LOL), especially the 4 youngest (ages 2-4). Plus, it is my two 4 yr olds’ birthday today (after my beloved Tiger passed away from cancer, my husband and I went to adopt a new little kitten from our favorite rescue group to cheer up the very depressed older kitties of the house – when we came upon two baby brothers whose sisters had all been adopted, we came home with them both! And everyone was happy – both kittens and older kitties). Everyone loves chasing the laser lights (well, okay, my one slightly overweight kitty likes to watch the light and not move LOL), so definitely enter us 🙂


Nicole Larson February 27, 2010 at 6:50 pm

We have two pusses, Amy and Alexander, both of whom enjoy their laser toy. But Amy just ADORES chasing the laser. Alexander is a fishing pole kind of guy, who will do anything for a good fishing pole workout. Both 6-year-old kittens are rescues and are dearly beloved and are extremely loving cats. While Alexander always prefers his fishing pole, Amy likes to play with her string, her Cat Dancer, catnip mice, silk leis and ribbons, and sometimes even runs after the fishing pole, too, with Alexander looking hurt at her grabbing some of his attention time!


Robyn March 1, 2010 at 6:01 pm

We adopted our youngest kitty, Zira about 2 years ago. One of my clients found her at only a couple of weeks old wandering on their property out in Zephyr, TX. I’m a sci-fi geek, so she’s named after Zira, Cornelius’ wife in Planet of the Apes. She has a slight congenital kink at the end of her tail & likes to suck on it, like a baby sucks its thumb. We recently moved from an apartment to a house with lots of windows for her to watch the squirrels & birds. She also likes to sit on the landing on the stairs & cry out. This is her signal for me to chase her up the stairs. Her green mouse toy is her favorite, along with our laser pointer which recently died on us, so a new one would be very helpful!


Sabra Welles March 1, 2010 at 7:17 pm

My cat Sprightly was adopted off craigslist. She had been a feral and had a littler of kittens at a very young age. The woman who found her thought she was way too sweet to remain feral and advertised a home for her.

I had a cat that I thought was only 6 when I adopted him, so I thought he’d enjoy a playmate. They got along well, but sadly, Smudge was 16, not 6, and died shortly after.

That’s when I found Dudley (also on craigslist). Dudley is a polydactal (6 toes) and the more aloof of the 2.

Sprightly LOVES a laser pointer! She will run all through the house and literally up the walls. What’s really funny is when my *dog* gets involved! The two of them make it a challenge as to who will get it, even if it still means going up the wall. A great way to exercise my critters on a cold night 🙂


Sharon Gledhill March 5, 2010 at 1:54 pm

All of my 5 cats enjoy playing with the laser mouse we have now. But I think the one who enjoys it the most is my kitten Salem. We found Salem hanging out by the dumpster at our local McDonalds and could not leave her there. We were on our way to work, so I headed to Walmart to get supplies for her as she stayed in my offie all day. When we bring out the laser she will run all over and has climbed the walls a few times to get it. I think they would all enjoy this new toy.


dorothy cole March 5, 2010 at 2:00 pm

rowdi would love this!! he is the youngest of 8 cats (6 were strays brought in) and pepper is 15 years old. rowdi is a bit exuberant (polite way of putting it) for the rest of them. my daughter rescued him on a cold winter night last year, a handful of black long fur and big blue eyes. his eyes have turned green, and he is bigger, and i think he looked up his name in the dictionary, and decided he could live up to that. he is very loving but the other cats dont appreciate him much unfortunately! they are all 4 years old or more. he loves the laser i have but something he could play with himself would be soooo great for him!


Sherry Jimenez March 5, 2010 at 2:18 pm

CAT HOUSE. We have a domestic that we found at 3 weeks old and brought home to care for. I also breed exotic cats. We have 1 bengal and 2 Savannahs. at anytime we have as many as 10 cats to entertain. They all love the laser toys and will play for hours with it, but they can wear you out. They pretty much own the house and we just get to live here.. They are our children and are treated as part of the family. They take over the bed and the rest of the house. We also have a 150 lb female Rotti that has adopted them all. Our children range in age from newborn to 11 years old and we love them all..


Angitia March 5, 2010 at 2:19 pm

I have 3 lovely female cats. All adopted one was left with me for temporary care,The owner never came back and it has been 2 yrs. I am disabled and so is my fiance these precious girls who are named mary who is black long hair she is 9.midnite who is a short black hair cat who is 8 and there is my last but not least wicca my black and white cat who is also 8.
They are my babies and loves of my life I keep telling my fiance he would go before they would hahaha.Not really,But the joy they bring into our lives is magical.We are home bodies and we have so much love for them and they get the most attention any animal would crave for. Of course they are somewhat trouble makers things would get broken, knocked down, they would steal things of mine and my fiance as well.But all in all I would never ever rid of them they are precious babes and a big part of our life.



Lori C. March 5, 2010 at 2:25 pm

We have one indoor cat. His mom was a stray & showed up on my brother’s doorstep when she was about to give birth. He was the only orange cat in the litter and my son fell in love. As soon as he was old enough we brought him home.


Ellen Beck March 5, 2010 at 2:33 pm

One spring day 9 years ago, my husband and I were taking a drive on a country road. I thought I saw something moving on the side, and asked Dave to stop. I saw a patch of yellow, a fuzzy yellow kitten lay dead-but not far away, was a sack that had 4 kittens and their Momma inside – 2 kittens were alive. Someone had thrown them out to die in a plastic sack but somehow two kittens had clawed their way out. At the vet we found they were only 3 1/2 weeks old. We cared for both and kept Ozzy. He has a touch of the ‘wild’ still, he would LOVE this toy! He’s 9 now, but he moves like a kitten.
I do rescue ad have 5 inside, but Ozzy would love this best 🙂


Sherry Mattix March 6, 2010 at 4:06 am

My cats Garfield and Sally are the sweetest cats. We got Garfield when he was a baby and he was born on a farm so he has natural hunting instincts. He’s always taking my hair ties and hiding them under a rug in our kitchen and protecting them, making sure nobody else gets them. If you wanna play fetch with him, he’ll be more than happy to get a hair tie and drop it at your feet and run and get it and bring it back when you throw it. Sally is quit lazy unless she see’s something moving. In that case, she will wake up and chase it for hours. Having the FroliCat BOLT would be a perfect addition to our little family and give Garfield something new to ‘hunt’ and give Sally something to keep her getting her much needed exercise.


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