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Helping pets in Haiti after the earthquake

by Therese on January 20, 2010

in Pets

There are a number of organizations that are accepting donations to help the pets and animals that are suffering due to the earthquake in Haiti. Whether you choose to send money to a charity specifically set up for pets, or one that will help the people of Haiti, please send something.

American Humane Association

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

The Animal Rescue Site


Best Friends Animal Society
They’re asking for donations and volunteers.

Christian Veterinary Mission
I believe this one uses the money to help people and pets.

Humane Society

International Fund for Animal Welfare


United Animal Nations

World Society for the Protection of Animals
Donations from the United States
Donations from other countries

Tips for giving online:

  • Give to a registered charity with 501 (c) (3) status
  • Designate your donation.  If you are mail a check, write a note in the memo section of the check specifying how you’d like the money used (ex: for pets in Haiti).
  • Avoid telemarketers and email requests for donations – quite often these people are scammers and have nothing to do with the charity they say they represent.
  • Follow up by checking with the charity to find out how they helped. You can usually do this by visiting their website.

If you’re interested in sending money primarily to help the people of Haiti, see the Charity Navigator for a list of organizations that are accepting donations.  You’ll also find more tips on help you make sure your money is used to help people and pets in Haiti.

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