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It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day

by Therese on January 14, 2010

in Dogs, Fun Stuff

Who knows how it got started, but today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Dogster’s talking about it, and so are pet lovers on Twitter.

I’ll admit it. When I was a kid my dogs had to endure clothing. Our cat Woodstock was probably the one who hated it the most but did a good job of tolerating it.  That poor cat – a big Manx tomcat – had to endure a lot. I made a tutu for him one year and he actually let me put it on him. It’s probably a good thing (for me) he didn’t know how silly he looked.

My poodle Sam was just the opposite of Woody. He loved getting dressed up! Whenever I’d get his clothes out, he’d jump up on a chair and wag his entire body waiting for me to put them on him. In his case though, we both dressed up for costume competitions in 4-H dog shows. One year we were Raggedy Ann & Andy, another year I was a cowboy and Sam was a horse. Yet another we dressed up as Snoopy & Woodstock.

Sam, aka F.A. Joyt

My favorite costume was F. A. Joyt and his pit crew. (I grew up in Indianapolis where the Indy 500 happens). That one was a real hit. Sam was dressed in a #14 driver’s suit and had a little Fred Flintstone style car (aka foot-powered) that I made for him. He never did learn to drive as fast as A.J. Foyt (who did drive #14 car) but he did pretty good for a poodle!

Sam and I won most of the costume contests we entered, and I know part of it was the fact that he was so darn happy doing it. It also didn’t hurt that he was a really cute, good-natured, dog.

Now, to current days.

No, my dogs don’t have a closet full of clothes and I don’t enter any costume contests. The closest they come to clothes is a bandanna, or in Archie’s case, his storm t-shirt. They’re wearing pretty nice coats as it is, so I don’t see any reason to cover them up.

Archie & Lydia in their Christmas bandanas

Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day everybody!

So, what about your pets? Do you dress your dogs (or cats) up and how do they like it?

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YesBiscuit! January 14, 2010 at 2:41 pm

I’m so lazy I don’t even do bandannas.


Susan January 15, 2010 at 11:35 pm

They’re so cute!! The kitties in the house are posed in pictures with the occasional bandanna, cute holiday collar or Santa hat LOL. Their tolerance lasts approximately 2 minutes for each, but the pictures are adorable! 🙂


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