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The Foster Advocacy program at Austin’s Southpaws Playschool dog daycare

by Therese on December 16, 2009

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Rosie, looking for a forever home

Rosie, looking for a forever home

At any given time, you can count on at least a few dogs calling Southpaws Playschool, an Austin doggie daycare, their temporary home.

Southpaws owners, Sonya Wilson and Tim Smith, believe giving back to the community is important and one of the ways they choose to do this is to take in homeless dogs and eventually place them in loving homes. In an effort to help as many dogs as possible, they’ve created the Foster Advocate program, an innovative way for anyone to help – even if they aren’t able to foster a dog in their own home.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose one of Southpaws’ foster dogs
  • Get to know that dog
  • Maybe spend a little time walking, playing or just petting your “foster dog”
  • Tell everyone you know about your new friend through emails, posters, etc.
relaxin' Rosie

relaxin' Rosie

As a bonus, once the foster dog gets adopted, the Foster Advocate gets some free daycare for their own dog.

Meet Rosie!

Rosie is one of the dogs currently at Southpaws, and is looking for a forever home. I’ve met Rosie, and she’s a very sweet dog, who has just recently graduated from obedience school. (Congrats, Rosie!)

A Foster Advocate  is actually able to help two dogs at the same time. Since Southpaws can only take in so many dogs, when they find a home for one dog, they can bring another one into the program. Foster Advocates help make this happen faster than it would otherwise. What a great way to make life better for some needy and deserving dogs!

Southpaws Playschool is a registered Petfinder Shelter, where you’ll find photos of Rosie and the other dogs at Southpaws. If you’re interested in being a Foster Advocate for one of them, contact Sonya at Southpaws Playschool.

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