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Don’t Dump the Dog book winners

by Therese on August 27, 2009

in Dogs

Congratulations to the winners of Randy Grim’s book, Don’t Dump the Dog.

Missouri German Shepherd Rescue
Sandra from Salisbury, PA
Carolyn from Plymouth, MA

service dog Bailey

Pictured here is Bailey guarding one of his best friends, Holly. I was so touched by his story that I wanted to share what his owner, Carolyn, wrote about him. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s worth a few minutes of your time. . .

Hi….I have to tell you about my Golden Retriever, Bailey. We got him from a breeder as a pup. She breeds Goldens for New England Eyes for the Blind. My husband had a stroke some years before, and lost his vision to the left in both eyes. Our mission for this pup was to be his left side so that others wouldn’t just walk in front of him. Bailey turned out to be so much more. We received training, unofficially through Guiding Eyes, and the normal Companion Dog training. We exposed him to every situation possible. Bailey however is a stubborn guy and thinks for himself, which as it turns out is not a bad thing. He was a wonderful companion for my husband, and when he became 2 years old was an assistance dog for me as I have fibromyalgia and would sometimes fall…..Bailey learned to “Brace” and helped me get back to my feet.

One day on 2/10/06, my husband past away, and Bailey was the only one with him. The police had to break into the house to get to my husband. Bailey had been with him all day. He tried so hard to tell the police he needed help and to please save his friend and companion.

Since that day, Bailey has gone through a horrible depression. He howls long and lonley, everyday. He lost his best friend and job all in the same day.

My daughter has moved in since then, with her twin daughters. We made it a point to make the twins his “new job.” I can’t help feeling bad for him, but he’s still a hero in my eyes. He may walk a little slower, and needs a lot of security, needing a pillow to suck on in the morning, but he is my love and my hero. He took care of a wonderful man, with all the kindness and courage a best friend could ever ask for.

Thank you to everybody who shared your pet stories with us.

If you haven’t read Don’t Dump the Dog but you love dogs, put on your reading list. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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Dentist Brandon August 27, 2009 at 11:28 pm

That is such a wonderful story. I also heard of the story of Hachico, a Japanese dog that waited for his diseased master at the same train station for 10 years until he passed away. It was a really touching story.


Carolyn August 29, 2009 at 6:38 am

I’m just so thrilled that you liked my story about my Bailey Boy. He’s just so great and you gave me an opportunity to share just how great he is. Thank you.


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