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Pet foods NOT on recall list – an explanation

by Therese on April 3, 2007

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** For a list of pet foods NOT on the recall list, see this post **

We have received a number of emails asking why certain brands, such as Iams, Eukanuba, & Nutro are not on the list of foods NOT on the recall list. While these brands do indeed have some types of pet food that is safe, we have chosen not to list any pet food brands that have had any recalls as part of the Menu Foods recall. The reasoning for this is that people often tend to skim through things rather than reading thoroughly. If we were to list brands that are partially involved in the recall, it’s quite possible, someone may look at the list, see their brand, not read the entry, and feed their pet some of the tainted food.

I realize this may seem unfair to some, but we are doing our best to provide the most accurate information possible.
We are listing pet food brands that have NOT had any food recalls due to the Menu Foods recall. The only exception to this is that if a pet food was originally placed on the list and then has had foods recalled, we will leave them on the list with an explanation of what’s been recalled. See the Del Monte entry as an example.

As we’ve said before, do not take the list of pet foods NOT on the recall list as the final word. It is meant to be a starting point for your own research. While we strive to collect the most accurate information possible from the companies involved, we cannot guarantee its accuracy – only the companies listed can do that. Each person needs to verify that the food is safe and that they feel comfortable feeding it. We’ve provided links to most of the pet food companies…use them! Visit the websites and/or call the companies to verify that the food you wish to feed your pets is indeed safe.

To find out whether or not a food is on the recall list visit the Menu Foods website.

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