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Product Review: Pet ID for Me

by Therese on July 10, 2009

in Dogs


Jason, from Pet ID for Me recently sent me one of his ID tags for Archie. They’re fun little photo ID tags that look like your state driver’s license. They include all the info you’ll find on an honest to goodness driver’s license – name, date of birth, height, weight, etc. One addition though is that it also includes your dog’s breed! The tags are durable, lightweight, and don’t clink like metal tags.

When you order one of the ID tags, you’ll also get a matching magnet – looks just like the tag and is about 3 times as big. Archie’s is on the fridge!

Part of their plan with the tags is to help pet groups raise money for their causes. Through their affiliate program, non-profit groups can earn $5 for each tag sold through their group.

These are actually pretty cute, and a clever way for charities to raise money for the pets in their care. Check ’em out.

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