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Pet food recall – more info

by Therese on March 19, 2007

in Pets

The pet food recall announced a couple days ago seems to be bigger than first reported. More deaths have been reported due to tainted pet food, and more pet food is being added to the list of those being recalled. For more information, please go to the Pet Connection Blog, where they’re investigating the problem and keeping readers updated.

And, this can’t be stressed enough, if your pet has eaten some of the tainted food, get them to the vet immediately for a urinalysis and blood panel to check kidney function.

Universal Press’s Pet Connection Blog

Even if you’ve already checked the list of recalled foods, DO IT AGAIN! More foods have been added and you need to know if your pet’s food is on the list. Here’s where you’ll find it:

Menu Foods recall information

Other companies that are recalling foods:

Iams recall information

Hills Science Diet recall information

Eukanuba recall information

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jan March 20, 2007 at 3:12 pm

I’m sure this will result in some serious and sweeping reforms, but it’s so tragic that innocent pets had to die before we could get some measures to protect them.


barbaraanders March 21, 2007 at 6:41 pm

i need a list of the dog food that has been recalled.this is a shame that we cant even trust the dog food co .to keep our pets safe. just think of what the food that we eat thats not safe. barbara anders.


Sandra Bailey March 23, 2007 at 9:22 pm

Because of this pet food recall, I will be giving a teleseminar Wednesday,
3/28 at 8 pm Eastern. I am the author of “Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble!” and have
researched the natural diet for dogs for 20 years.

This has been a tragic event, but there are things that you can do to protect your
dog in the future. You can take control of your dog’s food and his health.

Join me and other interested dog guardians Wednesday, 3/28, and I will be happy to
answer your questions.

Sign up for the teleseminar at: http://www.TheNaturallyHealthyDog.com/?id=28

I look forward to you learning how you can take control of your dog’s diet.


Nan March 28, 2007 at 12:47 pm

Where is the outrage on this? Pet owners should be up in arms ! Did Menu Foods buy the poison from China? Wouldn’t that be illegal? Or did the poison come from China already in the wheat (wheat gluten)? Either way, what are the premium companies doing outsourcing their can and pouch production to a company they don’t really know? It feels like such a betrayal. I will not buy those brands again. I have switched to Merrick brand dry and wet. They have their own plant, and seem to be very reputable. Also, I imagine is Solid Gold – and others if you research the matter.
Again, where is the outrage? I expected to see the cover of TIME and NEWSWEEK featuring the recall, but there was barely a mention, much less a solid investigation and story. Our local newspaper featured a couple of articles, but they were small and/or at the bottom or side of the page.

Pet owners and their animals have been betrayed. There are animals sick and dying, and pet owners sick with worry and grief.

My cat and dogs had eaten recalled food up until I heard about the recall on March 16 (Nutro pounches for cats; Nutro “cuts & gravy” cans for dogs), but all seem OK. I am thankful we were spared – evidently my pouches and cans were from an earlier batch somehow. I feel sadness however for the animals affected and their guardians who love them. Hopefully, many more have been spared because their store hadn’t shelved the Dec. to March shipment.
Another concern: Smaller, unrelated stores like OSH, minimarts, small markets etc. which sell the pouches and cans – are they really taking theirs off the shelves? I’ve seen pouches and cans everywhere, and when I inquire with the managers, they say, “we pulled the ones with the dates on the recall list”. They didn’t hear the latest news that all should be pulled.
Again, in closing, where is the outrage from the companies, the government, the news agencies, animal welfare agencies, pet owners as a whole? Maybe it’s just too big to wrap our collective minds around; maybe there isn’t enough information yet, maybe we’re still reeling from the enormity of the recall ….. but still !!!


Donna McLeish March 30, 2007 at 9:14 pm

This is what happens when we do business with a country (China) that is virtually unregulated, to make more profits. We endanger our health, endanger our children and endanger our pets. We cause more pollution due to lack of regulation in China. We loose jobs in North America due to corporate greed. Let’s not forget, also, that China has a despicable human rights record! I always try to avoid buying anything made in China. It is very difficult, because everything seems to have been made there. I almost jump for joy when I see a label that says “made in USA” or “made in Canada”. $$$$$$… that is all this is about! Globalization has been put in place without the necessary controls to protect ordinary citizens. It is unfortunate that Menu Foods and other corporations are going to go bust over this, but they have to pay. Why are we buying wheat from China … what about wheat from Canada and the USA?
This is really bad. Children get into pet food and poor people have been known to eat pet food. Corporate greed! Our governments will never protect us! We need to rise up, citizens of Canada and the USA and demand a solution to this insanity.


Carla Merck April 4, 2007 at 7:58 pm

If the government does not put more restriction on foriegn trade. our country will be at risk. I was lucky that none of the brands on the list where bought by my family. It is a same and disgrace that you can’t even be safe buying your pet food.


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