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Product Review: The RocLok

by Therese on May 14, 2009

in Product Reviews


I got a rock in the mail a few days ago . . . a RocLok, that is.

The RocLok looks like a real rock, although it’s actually made out of a blend of natural and synthetic material. And in the bottom there’s a little safe big enough to hold a key. It’s pretty cool, actually. The safe has a combination lock on it and can’t be seen unless the rock is turned over completely. And it’s a heavy rock too (9 pounds), so the chances of it getting knocked over are pretty slim.

Over the years, I’ve had a number of pet sitting clients who wanted to hide their keys under the doormat, in a flower pot, or even above the door. Requests like this make me cringe! Normally I let them know it’s not something comfortable with and make other arrangements to get and/or return their key.

The RocLok is a much better alternative for people who want to hide a key outside. Not only is the key out of site, and not in the usual hiding place like I mentioned, it’s only accessible with a combination. Sure, there are people who know how to get through a combination lock, but they’d have to find it first. Since the RocLok is so realistic looking it may not occur to a crook to turn over every rock to look for a key.

Check out the RocLok website for more info.

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Melanie May 15, 2009 at 4:28 pm

Attention Oregonians: RocLok’s are going to be sold at a The Muttley Crew a doggie daycare and groomer starting next week 5/18/09. Here’s a link to their site for the address for anyone interested: http://www.themuttleycrew.com

Thank-you again Therese for your wonderful review!


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