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Man saves dog with mouth to snout

by Therese on April 17, 2009

in Cats, Dogs, Pet First Aid

After hearing screeching tires in front of his house, an Oregon man ran out to see what was going on. What he saw was a standard poodle on the ground – he had been hit by a car. The guy, a fan of Animal Planet took matters into his own hands and performed mouth to snout rescue breathing on the dog.

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With April being National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, this video is quite timely! Mouth to snout is a skill I wish every cat or dog owner would take time to learn. What I always tell people in my pet first aid & CPR classes is that I hope they’ll never need the skills I teach, but it’s much better to be prepared. Being able to react effectively in an emergency can literally mean life or death to a pet in a medical crisis. In fact, the American Animal Hospital Association estimates that one in four more pets would survive if they were administered just one pet first aid technique was applied before getting the pet to the veterinarian. One in four!

If you’re in Austin and are interested in learning mouth to snout, and many other pet first aid skills, visit my pet first aid & CPR classes website. I have a class coming up tomorrow, but will be posting adding more summer classes to the schedule soon. If you’re not in Austin, check the Pet Tech website to find a certified instructor in your area. This is the company I was trained through and I believe it’s the best pet first aid course out there.

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