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Product review: Port-A-Poo dog waste carrier

by Therese on February 10, 2009

in Dogs, Product Reviews


When I walk my dogs I always carry poop bags with me. I stuff them into my pockets with all my other dog walking essentials. I have to be careful not to put them in the pocket with my keys though. I did that once and one of the keys ripped a hole right through one of the bags. Also, when I have to clean up after Archie or Lyida and have a full one, it’s a bit annoying to have to hold onto it until I find a trash can.

I recently tried out a little device that makes carrying the empty as well as the full bags really easy and convenient. It’s called a Port-A-Poo and it’s a handy little gadget that screws onto the leash. Don’t worry…it won’t harm the leash at all. With just a flip of a latch, it holds on snugly to a couple empty poop bags. Then, when Archie or Lydia decide I should put something in one of the bags, I can use the Port-A-Poo to hold it until I find a trash can.

This is really a pretty clever little invention! It took me about 2 minutes to attach it to Lydia’s leash. I just had to fiddle with a few screws and there it was – it fit snugly. (and it’s even purple to match her leash!) The Port-A-Poo is really lightweight (about an ounce). Even so, I was expecting it to weigh down the leash, but that’s not the case. I hardly knew it was there until I had to use it to carry a full bag.

Whether you’re a professional dog walker or you just walk your own dog, this might be something to take a closer look at. It sure does help get that bag of poop out of your hand until you can toss it in the trash! It comes in purple, red, pink, black, and royal blue and can be purchased online from Port-A-Poo.

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