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Shoplifting dog comes clean

by Therese on February 8, 2009

in Dogs


This is hilarious! A Siberian Husky, named Akira, swiped a bone from a grocery store a few months ago and just recently went back to the scene of the crime, with her owners.

We finally know who pulled off a canine caper that generated news stories and laughter around the world.

The “shoplifting dog” has come forward and faced up to the crime.

Akira, the 11-year-old Siberian Husky, returned to the scene of the crime in a hummer. Her family brought her back to Smith’s Grocery store after seeing the infamous “Shoplifting Dog” video.

Just before Christmas, surveillance video captured a mysterious dog, making a clean getaway with a stolen rawhide bone. The Stirlings suspected Akira was the bad guy and brought her back to face the music. Once the pooch arrived at the store, all the store employees recognized her.

When they turned her loose in the store again, Akira followed her nose, straight for the good stuff. After sniffing around a bit, the first aisle she explored was aisle 16, the pet aisle, paying particular attention to the rawhide bones.

Here’s the rest.

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kaffe February 9, 2009 at 11:07 pm

ha ha ha

I just hope the bone wans’t made in mela-land


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