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Vet reports on Lydia & Archie

by Therese on December 9, 2008

in My pets, Pet Health

I’ve been a bit busy lately with computer issues – switching from Windows XP to Vista. I’ve avoided Vista as long as I could but since my old computer is very old, it was time for a new one…and that means Vista! It’s taken a while to switch things over but I’m finally back to a point where I can think of something other than transferring files, setting up new email accounts, dealing with incompatible software…and on and on. I’m really happy with the new computer though…it zooms right along. I didn’t realize my old one was so slow until I cranked up the new one! Now, if I could just figure out how to do upgrade on myself that would make me work faster I’d be all set!

I’ve had emails from people wondering how Lydia’s doing but with all the computer shuffling I haven’t had chance to answer, so here it is…and it’s great news! You may know she has had recurrent bladder infections for…well, forever it seems. She had a urinalysis and culture & sensitivity done late last week to see how she’s doing (she has a recheck every few months). The good news is that we just heard back from her vet and she doesn’t have an infection!! She’s been clear since the spring, which I believe is the longest she’s gone without a bladder infection. No wonder she’s such a happy dog these days.

And now, on to Archie. He was in to see the vet last week because he wasn’t feeling well and it turns out he has a bladder infection too! The vet put him on a round of antibiotics but when we went back for a recheck last week it turned out that he still has one. So now we’re waiting on his culture. More to come on him when I get the results.

I’m just hoping the cat doesn’t get jealous of all the attention Lydia & Archie are getting because of their illnesses! The good thing is though, that she doesn’t like the car so she’ll probably do all she can to avoid getting sick, and being forced to go for a ride.

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jan December 10, 2008 at 1:31 pm

I think avoiding car rides keeps a lot of cats healthy. Good to hear Vista is working out for you. I have heard some awful stories.


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