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Product Review: The Wacky Walker

by Therese on August 25, 2008

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20080825ww.jpgA couple months ago Karen from Keep Doggie Safe sent me one of these leashes to try out with Archie. I never did get to try it out though because a few days after I got it he started having some shoulder problems that turned out to be arthritis. While he was getting over that (he’s not limping now!) Lydia was diagnosed with cancer. So at least for a while, because of Lydia’s immune system being compromised, we’re not going on our long walks. I wanted to do a review on it though, so I had my friend Leslie give it a try, and she loves it!

The Wacky Walker is made of latex that stretches from it’s original 3 feet to over 6 feet in length. It’s designed to relieve stress for the dog and handler. There’s also a small handle, called a traffic stop, that the handler can grab if the dog needs to stay close.

Leslie has a young, active, German Shepherd mix named Maggie, who weighs about 50 lbs. Maggie can pull pretty good on a leash, but Leslie’s been working with her on it and said the Wacky Walker is going to help. It seemed to remind Maggie what her boundaries were and she came back to Leslie’s side pretty quickly after she pulled and felt the tension. And, since there’s some give in the leash, Leslie didn’t feel the pull on her shoulder like she does with a regular leash. Leslie said the Wacky Walker is going to be a regular part of their walks from now on. She and Maggie both are giving it a paws up!

Although I’m not a trainer, I would recommend people teach their dogs how to walk properly on a leash rather than viewing the Wacky Walker as a solution to training issues.

For more information on the Wacky Walker visit Keep Doggie Safe.


Although I think this is a cute picture of Maggie, I was hoping to get a better one before posting the review. My brother took this one through the privacy fence but I’m hoping the fact that I don’t have a better one (yet!) will shame Leslie into sending me one so everybody can see more of Maggie!

Update…it worked…my comments about the lack of a good picture of Maggie, did indeed get a response, and here she is…


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Dylan Watkins March 9, 2010 at 5:26 pm

Sadly this product is no good if your dog may chew…even for a couple of seconds. They will damage the nylon and eventually the white ‘fluff’ comes through…frays and then breaks.



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