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Movie Review: DUCK

by Therese on July 23, 2008

in Movie Reviews, Pets

20080723duck.jpgDUCK is an award winning movie about an elderly man named Arthur, and a duck named Joe, who thinks the man is his mother. The setting is 2009 and life in the United States has taken a turn for the worse. With social services cut off, and all of his savings gone after taking care of his recently deceased wife, Arthur finds himself homeless. With Joe by his side, Arthur sets off without much hope, but as his journey goes on, he finds a reason for living in his little white traveling companion.

The relationship between Arthur and Joe is one that will tug at your heart and one that I know many pet lovers will be able to identify with. In spite of the fact that ducks aren’t normally thought of as pets in the same way cats and dogs are, Arthur and Joe give each other what they need to keep going. I don’t think Joe could have been any more important to Arthur…and Arthur to Joe.

DUCK is bittersweet, heartwarming, sad, and funny…all rolled up together. But as you’ll see, if you watch the movie, it’s about much more than just a man and a duck. It’s about every one of us…our relationships, our fears, community, hope, and so much more.

Written and directed by Nic Bettauer, DUCK stars Philip Baker Hall (/Magnolia, The Insider/) as a retired widower in a dystopian Los Angeles where social services have gone the way of social graces, and another Bush occupies the White House. Joining Hall are /NYPD Blue/ veteran Bill Brotchtrup, Noel Gugliemi (/Training Day, Crank/), Bill Cobbs (/The Hudsucker Proxy, Night at the Museum/) and French Stewart (/3rd Rock From the Sun, Dick/).

It¹s 2009, Jeb Bush is the president, and the country has lost its social services, social graces, public parks, and common sense. Philip Baker Hall plays a widower who, having outlived his family and friends, now finds himself without a home. But — he does have a duck, and together they travel the city in search of water and meaning in the desert that is L.A. DUCK is a sad-funny story of hope and survival set in our as-of-yet avertable future.

Provocative, insightful, subversive, sublime, here is a character piece about two unlikely heroes who find purpose, redemption, and grace ­ proving, in rather surreal and ingenious fashion, that there’s nothing common about decency, nor the survival of the humane.

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