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Yesterday’s pet first aid class

by Therese on July 13, 2008

in Pet First Aid, Pets, Random Thoughts

Yesterday I taught a pet first aid & CPR class, and although it was a small class (two people), it was just as rewarding as if I were teaching a room full of pet owners. The two people who were there, Greg & Emilie, are big time dog people, and I could tell from the way they talked about their dogs that they are the light of their lives. I’m glad they were able to make it to the class.

Whenever I teach a class, one of the first things I have everyone do is to introduce themselves, and show some pictures of their pets. It’s always fun to see the photos of their cats and dogs and hear some of the stories that go along with them. Here are a couple pictures of Greg & Emilie’s dogs…


Greg’s dogs Beemer, Austin, and Mookie. Beemer & Austin are Greg’s own little guys, and he’s fostering Mookie until he finds a great, forever home.


And this is Emilie’s beautiful dog Callie.

It was a pleasure to meet Emilie and Greg and share my pet first aid knowledge with them.

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