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Hey you, Austin pet owner, take a pet first aid class

by Therese on July 7, 2008

in Cats, Dogs, Pet First Aid

20071212firstaidkit.jpgYes, I mean you…but I don’t mean for you to take just any pet first aid class. Take my pet first aid class! I’ve got one coming up this Saturday and have plenty of room for more.

Just last week I was talking with someone (call her Sally) who has 2 dogs and I suggested she take my pet first aid class. Her nonchalant answer was, “I don’t need it,” and then went on to talk about something so not worth mentioning. And no, in case you’re wondering Sally’s not a vet, nor is she a vet tech, veterinary nurse, or any other pet health professional. And again…no…she’s never taken a pet first aid class…but she doesn’t need to take one.

What Sally really meant (although she didn’t quite get it) is that she hasn’t ever needed to know pet first aid in the past. Not needing to know pet first aid in the past is completely different than not needing to know it. I tried to explain the difference, and why pet first aid is such an essential skill, but nothing I could say made a difference. She has the mindset that “nothing like that” will ever happen to her…uh huh, you guess it…because it’s never happened before.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This woman absolutely adores her dogs and wants the absolute best for them. They have plenty of toys, fancy matching collars & leashes, she spends top dollar on their food, and she takes them with her pretty much wherever she can get away with it. They’re definitely her best friends, and spoiled beyond belief. She just doesn’t see any good reason to take a pet first aid class. Sad, really.

I, on the other hand, can think of some very good reasons to take a pet first aid class…like doing CPR on my dog Sam and saving his life…the story from the pet sitter who went through my class and days later had to splint a dog’s broken leg …and the many stories from dog owners where were able to dislodge an item from their choking dog’s throat. Sadly, other reasons to take a pet firsts aid class don’t have such happy endings. I hear from many who take the class, wishing they’d taken a pet first aid class before…before they had to deal with a terrible pet emergency in the past.

I know taking a pet first aid class doesn’t have the bling of a shiny new collar, it doesn’t (usually) get someone applause like you might get at an agility match, and it doesn’t involve taking adorable pictures of your cat or dog. But…it can possibly make all those things possible if you’re able to effectively deal with an emergency…or even prevent it entirely.

I truly believe knowing pet first aid is an essential skill for pet owners. And with pets being such a big part of our lives – whether it’s playing at a dog park, running on Town Lake, spending time at Lake Travis, or just playing in the backyard – there is always the potential for an emergency to arise. So give some thought to taking my Pet Tech Pet first aid & CPR class this weekend. It’ll be a great gift to to your cat or dog…and to yourself.

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