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Keeping dogs & cats safe on Fourth of July

by Therese on June 30, 2008

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The Fourth of July holiday can be an extremely stressful and dangerous time for pets. Many pets are frightened by the sights and sounds caused by firecrackers, sparklers, and commercial fireworks. In their attempt to run from what they perceive as dangerous, they may escape the safety of their own yard or home and get hit by a car, become lost, or experience other life threatening dangers.

The following simple precautions will help pet owners keep their dogs and cats safe during the Fourth of July holiday:

  • All pets should wear tags with the owner’s home and cell phone numbers.
  • Pets that are being cared for by a pet sitter should also have the pet sitter’s phone number on their tag.
  • Do not take pets to fireworks displays.
  • Keep pets indoors. Even dogs that would not normally jump over, or dig under, a secure fenced yard may get out if they are frightened.
  • If pets must be left alone during the holiday, ensure they have a quiet, comfortable place to stay and leave some soft music on to calm them. If pets are known to be destructive when they become frightened, remove any items they may destroy or that may cause them harm.

Pet owners who will be out of town during the holiday, and using the services of a professional pet sitter, should talk with their pet sitter about any special preparations for the holiday. The pet sitter may need to know things such as how the pet reacts to loud noises, where the pet should be kept if different than usual, instructions for any anti-anxiety medications the pet’s veterinarian may prescribe, and any known hiding places the pet has in the home. Pet owners may also visit PetsitUSA.com for a list of general preparations to consider when leaving their pets in the care of a professional pet sitter.

In addition to the dangers associated with pets trying to escape Independence Day sights and sounds, pet owners must be mindful of other potential holiday hazards. Sparklers and other small fireworks, charcoal, lighter fluid, alcoholic beverages, and citronella candles can all be dangerous to pets.

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