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Breeding hypoallergenic cats

by Therese on September 28, 2006

in Pets, Random Thoughts, Rants

I just read an article this morning about a company that’s breeding hypoallergenic cats. They say they’re doing it because there is a need – a need people have to buy cats they won’t sneeze over. Right! I think the “need” is for the company bigwigs to put money in their pockets.

According to Reuters, the company spokesman says that one of the main reasons cats are given up is because of allergies. So…I guess breeding hypoallergenic cats is going to put an end to cats being put up for adoption or going to shelters. Wow! Is that all it takes?

I do feel bad for people who are allergic to cats (I’m one of them) but come on – honestly – is breeding a new and improved ‘hypoallergenic’ cat going to keep any cats out of the shelters? I seriously doubt it. And, as if breeding them isn’t bad enough, this company is going to start selling franchises early next year! Any of you who have read my blog, know I’m not a fan of breeding cats & dogs, but selling cat breeding franchises…I don’t know…it just seems downright wrong to me. The whole thing does to be honest.

Hypoallergenic cats

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