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Bogus pet sitting requests

by Therese on June 10, 2008

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Along with all the other spam that ends up in our in boxes, pet sitters get bogus requests for pet sitting jobs. They go something like this…

Dear sir,

I need Dog Sitter for my dog (Jo).What is your total charges as payments will be made in advance from an associate in the USA, the payment is been made because my associate that will make the payments will be travel any moment from now to France on a business trip. Let me know your total charges for the 30 days for the walking. Looking forward to hear from you.


And yes, that’s an actual email.

The sad thing is, some pet sitters, especially those who are just starting out and hungry for work, will respond to these emails thinking they are legitimate requests for their services. They are not! The emails escalate into some convoluted money changing scheme where the sleazeball who started the whole thing ends up with a fist full of money and the pet sitter is left with a fist full of absolutely nothing!

I imagine this email will be hitting a lot of pet sitters’ in boxes tonight, just like it did mine. My advice…DELETE! No matter how eager you are to get a great pet sitting job, this ain’t it! Wait for a real one to come along.

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Linz June 10, 2008 at 11:28 pm

You’d think the guys who are in charge of these scams would at least hire someone semi literate in the English language to write their emails. I suppose it’s better for us that they don’t… makes them more transparent. Glad you are outting them to other pet sitters.


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