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Book Review: Notes From Rainbow Bridge

by Therese on March 30, 2008

in Cats, Dogs, Pets

rainbwcover3.jpgMany of us who love our pets dearly believe we will see them again some day, even after they leave this world. The poem Rainbow Bridge tells a well known story of a wondrous place where pets who have died go to wait for their people. It’s a beautiful story, and while there’s no way to know if it’s even close to what we’ll experience after we leave this world, it’s comforting when our much loved pets pass on.

Notes From Rainbow Bridge, by Beth Szillagyi, is a fast little book to read (only 103 pages) that takes up where the poem leaves off. It’s a gentle story, written in a dog’s voice, about the experience of life on earth and then beyond, at the Rainbow Bridge. Chloe, the dog telling the story, was a Samoyed on her last trip to earth and lived a long, happy life with her human, Anna. She tells the story of her life and journey to Rainbow Bridge, and about other animals she meets there.

For those who are grieving over the loss of a much loved pet the stories of people and their pets reuniting are perhaps the most comforting part of the book. They portray the joyful reunion many of us hope to have with our beloved pets who pass away before us. And, while the thought of death can be unpleasant and even frightening, Notes From Rainbow Bridge can be hopeful in a sense, if we allow ourselves to get lost in the story and imagine once again experiencing the love of our long-lost pets.

None of us knows for sure what’s after this life for us, or for our pets, but I’d like to think Lucy, Abby, Woodstock, Sam, Skeeter…and many others…will be there to greet me with just as much love and excitement as the pets in Notes from Rainbow Bridge greet their people!

Visit the Notes From Rainbow Bridge website for more info, or you can order order the book from Amazon.

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to the Animal Protective League, in central Illinois.

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