Litter Box Solutions

Litter Box Solutions

It can be extremely frustrating to have a cat using your entire house (or even parts of it) as its own little toilet. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to help teach a new or old cat to use the litter box and leave your carpets in peace.

Rule out other causes. When a cat stops using its litter box, it isn't always because your cat isn't trained or doesn't like its box. Consider these causes first:

Back to Basics. We add a lot of frills, thrills, perfumes, and fluff to litter boxes that cats are not always thrilled about. Cats tend to prefer nothing but the basics in a litter box. If you're trying to solve a litter box problem, go back to basics to encourage your cat to go back to the box.

Location, Location, Location! As in real estate, location is everything when you're dealing with litter box woes. Follow these guidelines:

Execute a plan. You need to have a plan when trying to solve litter box problems. Start out by following the steps outlined above. For best results, you should also implement the following:

If these efforts are successful, you may be able to gradually change to a different litter type or to a covered box, or to reduce the number of boxes over time, but do so slowly! You don't want to chase your cat back out of the box just because you've always dreamed of using that funky new crystal litter that all of your friends are using.


Written by Cara Shannon, who is the owner and one of the trainers at Buddy's Chance, LLC Austin Dog Training and Daycare. She teaches dog training classes for pet dog owners in Central Austin and consults on problem dog behaviors.