How to Make $5200/year from Petsitting

How to Make $5,200 More a Year (Without Doing More Work)

Let me guess: you’ve been thinking about raising your rates but thinking about it as far as you’ve gotten…

This can be a costly mistake in business. If you are not at least keeping up with the rising cost of doing business then you are headed for financial and physical burnout because you will have to work longer hours this year to simply make as much as you made last year.

If it’s been over a year since you’ve last increased your rates here are four words of advice to help you over the rate increase hurdle:
Raise your rates yearly.

I know. Asking for a raise is hard. A lot of us experience fear that our clients will leave when we raise our rates (or at the very least that our clients will give us a hard time about it). This rarely happens though. Most clients will see your raising your rates as a reflection that you respect yourself by charging what your time is worth. That being said, raising your rates is worth any resistance you may have about taking action and actually doing it. Trust me.

Let me share with you a secret that may actually cause you to get excited about raising your rates:
Let’s suppose that you have ten Monday-Friday dog walking clients. It’s been at least a year since you’ve raised their rates so you decide to raise your rates. Most pet sitters will raise their yearly rates $1 or $2 more per visit or walk. (Since rates and rate increases vary across the country only you will know what will be the best rate increase for your existing clients.)

Let's say you raise your 10 dog walk clients $2/per walk:

And yes, you guessed it…

In 52 weeks that’s $5, 200 MORE per year by simply raising the rates of only 10 dog walking clients $2 more per walk.

All for nothing! No extra dog walking, no extra marketing, no nothing. Well, not nothing…you had the courage to raise your rates!

© Kristin Morrison, used with permission
Kristin Morrison, founder of Six Figure Pet Sitting Academy is a pet sitting business owner and a business coach for pet sitters. Kristin is a firm believer in working smarter (not harder) and has created a six-figure pet sitting business while working 3 days a week. She coaches other pet sitting business owners on the fine art of creating a successful pet sitting business while maintaining a fun and successful life.