What our Members are Saying About PetsitUSA

PetsitUSA has been a fantastic website to advertise my business, Pet Nanny NYC. Not only has this website exceeded all of my high expectations, but PetsitUSA has gone above and beyond helping me set up my profile, membership, and banner, and their customer service is top notch! PetsitUSA also has had a very quick response time answering all of my questions and assisting me with anything...which is very important. Not only are their resources helpful, but they have valuable links to help me grow my business.

Within 3 days of signing up, I signed 3 new clients.

If you want to talk with me personally to verify what I am posting here, please fill free to call or email me and I will be happy to verify anything I've said here.

Catherine Miller
Pet Nanny NYC
New York, NY

I'd like you to know that the majority of my NEW pet sit business has been due to the referrals from your website. I have been very happy with my association to your popular website!!!

Texas Pet Nanny
Houston, TX

I just want to quickly and publicly say a big fat "THANK YOU" to you for the PetsitUSA.com locator. It has now surpassed all other online locator's for me in new client inquiries. So, whatever you are doing to market and promote that puppy - thank you!

Terry Haas
Arlington, VA

I want to thank PetsitUSA for having honored me, by making Your Pets Nanny the featured site. Today I received two customer that saw me on your wonderful website. It's fast and easy to use. Everyone that wants to improve their business need to be with PetsitUSA. You guys are the best and I plan to stay with you for years to come. With your top notch service and friendly help no others come close to you.

Stephanie Wright
Your Pets Nanny
Charlotte, NC

I have had terrific results advertising on this website. In about two and half weeks, I received 5 customers from this website alone! Thank you so much!

Swayze Foster
Swayze's Pet Sitting Service
Memphis, TN

We have been listing with you for three years now and have had incredible results! Your site is easy to use, organized and clean, and Teresa has always been very friendly and helpful whenever we had questions or needed help! We love listing with you and will be renewing this year, and next year, and for many years to come. Thank you!

Jo-Ann Friedman
Gotta Love’Em! Professional Pet Care
San Diego, CA

Within 24 hours of joining/listing my business, I gained a new client via the listing. That was impressive!

Jaime Breit
Cuddles & Care Pet Sitting
Fairview Park, OH

I just want to say thank you for doing such a fabulous job keeping your site optimized. I recently ran a report for the last couple months and I am getting the most hits from your site. This report informs me of where my leads or hits are coming from and lets me know that what I pay for is actually working. So Thank You for being my number one Internet referral base. You guys ROCK!

April M. Cook
Dogs On The Run
Carlsbad, CA

I just received your email informing me that I'm the featured business for your web site! In one day I've already received a new client! Thanks for the business PetsitUSA! Since I've started 3 months ago with PetsitUSA I've received 7 new clients.

Jessica Wullert
It's a Dog's Life
Glenside, PA

Thank you so much for featuring Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting. I really think you have a superior service. I get more inquiries from you web site than any others. Keep up the great work!

Home Sweet Home Pet Sitting Services
Tucson, AZ

We are honored and appreciate the chance to be your featured business for Seattle! Your web site has given us valued exposure and provides an excellent resource for clients outside of our business service area whom we refer to your site.

Kim Bise
Plush @ Home Pet Care
Seattle, WA

Also, two days after I started listing with Petsit USA, I got a call from a woman who needed my services caring for her dog every day during the week while she worked. I have now been taking care of "Sweetie Pie" for almost two months and we love each other! Thank you for establishing such a wonderful company and for helping me to do the work I love most -- caring for these beautiful creatures! God bless you!

Janice Foti
Furry Friends Pet Care, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

I have over 50 clients and approximately 90% of my business comes from PetsitUSA. This site is highly visible in all of the major search engines and it is very user-friendly. The cost for advertising is much lower than any of the other pet sitting referral sites. Make the small investment, you won't be disappointed.

Kristen Moore
MrBonesAndMe Pet Sitting Service
Austin, TX

Enclosed you will find a check to renew my banner and zip code ad. Your website delivers wonderful results and I'm very happy to renew with you.

Simone Haas
On All Fours Pet Sitting
San Francisco, CA

Thank you for your part in helping V.I.Pets have another fantastic year. PetsitUSA is the only service I recommend for prospective clients that are looking for pet care services outside my service area. I wish you and your team continued success with your product.

Les Platz
Dallas, TX

I am very satisfied with your website. It gets pulled up in every search engine!

Olga Wharton
Valley Ranch Pet Sitting Services
Irving, TX

THANK YOU SO MUCH for selecting my service as the featured business, it looks GREAT!!! I really really appreciate that. I'm happy to say business is BOOMING!!! And thank you for being a part of that.

Jan Tilley
New York, NY

Geeze........so many leads that I had to remove one zip code...........LOL!!! Thanks a bunch!!

Dog Walks N More
San Diego, CA

You helped me put together a banner ad for San Diego. You knew I was a newbie just getting started. Well, Pawtopia is doing great and many of my current clients have come from this website. I have you to thank for that and I thought you should know!

Colleen Demling
San Diego, CA

I would like to thank PetsitUSA for having me on your website as the featured dog walker and for doing such a great job with the wording. I just got a phone call from someone who saw my listing on your website. I met with her and I am now walking her dog.

Sheryl Seravina
In Loving Hands
San Francisco, CA

PetsitUSA.com is a great website filled with pet care resources. I also find it to be "fun" for the public to look at, for its easy to find ones way around. As an advertiser, I very much appreciate how well my company is displayed. Its professional and eye catching. Great job PetsitUSA!

Robin Hollis
Guardian Petsitting Service
San Jose, CA


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