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Web Design, Blog Setup, Social Media
Web Design and Blog Setup

We offer custom designed websites, with prices starting at $400. Discounted rates are available to PetsitUSA Members.

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All web design, blog setup, and social media services are provided by Therese Kopiwoda, former wner of PetsitUSA. Whether you're a pet sitter, dog walker, dog runner, dog daycare, or the owner of another type of pet business, she can help you create an attractive, user-friendly website. She has been designing websites for the pet businesses since 2002, and has been working in online communities (aka social media) since the mid 1990s.

Contact Therese through her social media and design website, Social Media Hound, for more information or to get started on your pet sitter website. She has the knowledge, skill, and experience to help you create a stellar online presence. She will work with you to create a website and/or blog that accurately reflects the unique personality of your pet care business. View just a few of the pet websites she has designed:

Social Media Consulting and Projects

If you're not using social media to promote your business, you're missing out on a lot of potential clients. Social media should be a part of your overall marketing plan. Facebook alone has more than 500 million users! Many pet sitters, dog walkers, and daycares are already there - and so are pet people who are looking for the services they offer. You need to be there too!

We can help you get started in social media, and help you with a variety of projects including:

Once you have your social media profiles set up, that's not the end. Therese will show you how to get the most out of them, give you tips to get more interaction from your friends and fans, and how to promote yourself without sounding like a used car salesman.

Special pricing on web design and social media consulting / projects is available for PetsitUSA Members. Become a member today!

Web Design and Blog Projects by Therese Kopiwoda - Client Testimonials

I was at a loss about designing a website for my pet first aid business. I contacted Therese because I had seen her website and a few others that she had designed. I liked hers so much that I mentioned to her "can we just copy yours?" Much to my delight she designed one for me that I like even more. I wasn't even aware she had it up and running when I had asked her a question. Her answer was "check it out." I was so excited when I went to the domain name and found the most eloquent website I could have possibly asked for. I was amazed at how quickly it was up, running, and even appeared on search engines. I had a contact via e-mail the first day it was up!

Not only does Therese do a fantastic job at designing the site. She also works with you (and I'm not the most computer literate person around) so that if you need to make changes in the future you can do it on your own. It seemed pretty easy and I know that if I run into problems that Therese will be there to help me. I have recommended her to others I know that might be interested in a website and hope to work with her again in the future on other designes for additional businesses I own.

Darlene Ehlers, owner
Pampered Pets Home Care
Tri State Pet First Aid

Therese did a great job on my website. I've had issues with web work in the past and everything went very smoothly. She has extensive knowledge of the world wide web, social media and pets. She helped with ideas pertaining to all of these. She also gave me a video and written tutorials on how to upkeep the site myself. Her prices more affordable than others I've dealt with as well! I strongly recommend using Therese. She was prompt, friendly and took a big weight off of my shoulders by creating a more search engine friendly website. Thanks.

Matt Myers
Hound for Hound

You have made me feel really comfortable preparing my web site. You were always polite and answered all of the questions that I had. You explained everything in detail how you were going to prepare and what you needed. I had dealt with someone earlier this year to help me prepare my brochures, but he acted like everything should be done at his convenience and would never call or email me back with answers I had. You, no matter how busy you were, made me feel like you had all the time in the world to help each time I called or email you. You were prompt and produced a site that I am extremely pleased with and have gotten not one, but several compliments about how well it looks. I cannot thank you enough for your help Therese. I have already suggested your service to some friends that are looking for someone to help them with their websites. Thank you so much!!

Wanda Baer
Baer Paws Pet Sitting Services
San Antonio, TX

When I originally decided to have a website for my pet business, I designed it myself through a company online. It worked for a while but I believed I wasn't getting the hits that I should have received and it wasn't anything compared to my competitors. When I advertised on, I found out that Therese designed websites. It was the best move I ever made. She's so creative and knew exactly what I wanted. We worked together through flaws and now I get more hits than ever! She also taught me how to do things myself on my own website. PetsitUSA is the best!

Andrea Infante
A Bark And A Meow
Chicago, IL

I asked Therese to help me update and design my new website, knowing she had the knowledge, experience and talent to create an authentic pet sitter's website. what i received was a timely response, along with a well organized and easy to read site. my new site is an invaluable tool that opens the door to new client inquiries and referrals on a weekly basis. I highly recommend Therese if you desire the same results.

Liz S.
The Texas Pet Nanny
Houston, Texas

Thank you Therese for the prompt and professional service dedicated to building the Animal Luv-R's pet sitting website. It was a pleasure to work with you. You deserve the title webmaster and I felt at ease having seen other sites you developed in the past. I will definitely recommend you to other pet sitters I know who are considering a website.

Cheryl Durling
AnimalLuv-R's Pet Sitting
West Point, New York

I have had so many positive responses from my website! I actually have had people tell me that they don't want to interview any other sitters, they made their mind up after viewing my website! A few have been way out of my area and went so far as to offer more money just to try to get me to sit for them. All from the website!

Leslie Franks
Purr-fection Pet Sitting
Marietta, Georgia

What a great experience I had with Therese in developing my website, I am receiving such positive feedback on the look, structure, and set-up of my site that I could not be happier! She makes it easy, and her quick response time is far beyond my expectations. I would passionately recommend Therese to anyone!

Debbie Coffman
Debbie's TLC
Dallas, Texas

Social Media Projects

No matter what type of business you have--if you want more clients and more exposure for your business--then I would highly recommend Therese Kopiwoda's social media consulting. Through her one-on-one telephone coaching, Therese can help you easily and effortlessly navigate the world of Twitter, FaceBook, and Linked In (and other social media sites). Her coaching will help you create a business profile that "pops" as well as help you market your service to your specific client base. Therese is able to explain the basics and intricacies of social media in a way that all experience levels can easily understand. She has led two teleclasses through my company, Six-Figure Pet Sitting and received much positive feedback from attendees about her vast knowledge of social media and her tips and tools that make it easier to manage. Let Therese show you how to increase your business using social media! You won't be disappointed.

Kristin Morrison
Founder, Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy

When my 20 something nephew dropped the ball in developing my business website, I decided to get professional help. I called Therese. She was helpful, creative, knowledgeable, professional and her charges were reasonable. I was very pleased with her efforts.

As a "mature" adult, Therese has helped me into the 21st century by showing me the benefits of social networking, something I always considered was just for kids! Therese introduced me to Facebook and other sites. She developed my Facebook page, and then gave me a one on one tutorial on how to best utilize it. I am now a happy Facebooker and my customers love it!

If you need help in developing your online presence, call Therese. She is the best!!

Keith Langhorn
Man Friday Pet Care
San Diego, California

Therese created my blog site and helped educate me about social media. She was patient with my many questions, did a very nice job on the blog in a timely way, and was great about follow-up. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. She is knowledgeable and really nice to work with.

Vicki Holt
Animals Reign
Seattle, Washington

Therese was fantastic on the teleclass sponsored by Kristin Morrison, Founder of Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy. Her knowledge of how to best position ourselves as business owners on sites like LinkedIn was incredibly helpful! As a matter of fact, I went and changed a whole bunch of stuff on my profile and sent out some connection requests and made recommendations because she inspired me so much! I have also made a personal commitment to try to recommend at least one person with whom I've worked each week on LinkedIn in order to help support their businesses. It feels good to give... and that's what I really came away with from Therese's presentation last night!

Erin Ross
Erin Ross Coaching