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Your Pet is Microchipped

by Lori Genstein, I've Got the 'Scoop'!, LLC on January 21, 2014

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As a pet sitter, I’m finding some of my furry friends have been new to the area… and during my consultation with a new family, one of the questions I ask is if their furry baby is microchipped.  I then proceed to obtain the company through which the chip is registered and document the actual chip number.  But, to ensure the pet’s best chance of being returned home and reunited with its family, the most important detail is often overlooked…


Please be sure to immediately update the contact information for your pet if your telephone number and/or your address changes, even if it’s temporary!!!  A microchip is useless if you cannot be reached.

Another very important feature microchip companies offer is maintaining a photo in your pet’s file; therefore, if you report your pet is lost, a public alert will be sent out, including a picture of your pet, ONLY if you provided one, of course. Unfortunately, many families fail to ever provide a photograph!!!

Photos should be updated regularly… a long-haired kitty whom is shaved for the summer should have an updated picture on file after being groomed.   Through the years our animals age, and their appearance is quite different than their youthful puppy days.  As a result of illness or injury, physical appearances may change.   Again, I reiterate, if there are any physical changes, please remember:   Submit an updated photo of your beloved pet to the company with whom the chip is registered.

Every day I receive Lost Pet Notices… absent of a photograph!!!  If I see a furry baby’s face on my screen, with an announcement they are lost, that vision remains with me until I learn the pet is home safe and sound… months may pass; however, if I see a listing for a found animal resembling a pet in a notice I’ve previously received as lost, I’ll revisit the photo for updated info and check to see if it’s possibly that missing pet.

When your pet visits their vet for an annual wellness checkup, or even a sick visit, I highly recommend you request the chip be scanned to ensure it’s functioning.  Scanning is noninvasive and takes only a few seconds.  I’ve never known a vet, shelter, or rescue to charge for scanning.

If your pet did not receive their microchip at their current vet’s office, please be sure to provide their present doctor the company’s name with whom the chip is registered, along with the microchip number, so the information may be documented in your pet’s records.

In the best interest of your pet’s safety… please remember to update your contact information and provide updated photographs to the microchip company as often as needed… and replace all identification tags with updated information as well!!

Helping to keep beloved furry babies healthy and safe… and pet parents informed!





Dangers the Elements and Chemicals Pose to Our Pets

by Lori Genstein, I've Got the 'Scoop'!, LLC on January 5, 2014

in Pet Health, Pet Sitting, Pets, The Pet Care Biz

Many dogs love to play in the snow… some prefer not, but they still must go outside.  And whether you have a fenced-in yard or your dog goes for walks, there are some dangers you should be aware of and precautions a pet parent should take.
Below I list the most common threats:

Rock Salt and Ice Melts - I highly recommend those precious paws be protected!!! 


See my blog post about dogs and cats — yes, kitties, too, wearing booties   : )


The chemicals can burn and irritate paws and skin, cause stomach and intestinal upset, if ingested, and burns to the tongue and mouth on contact, from licking their feet and body.

Avoid walking in salted areas, and wash your pet’s feet thoroughly when home.  Check in between each toe!!! I do this for my furry friends after every walk regardless if it’s snowing. : )   There are products such as gels and ointments to apply which are intended to protect the paws; however, most times they actually trap the small particles, become quite challenging to clean, and may cause more harm than help.

AntifreezeEthylene glycol, a very sweet-tasting and extremely toxic chemical, is the main ingredient in most antifreeze products.  If ingested, very rapidly, damage to the nervous system and kidneys may occur, if immediate medical intervention is not obtained.

Some companies have changed their formula as a result of a 12-year old boy petitioning via Change.Org for a bitter-tasting and smelling ingredient to be added to deter pets and children. http://www.kansas.com/2012/02/16/2219015/valley-center-boy-12-works-for.html

Frostbite - See my blog post which included an article about frostbite, written by Dr. Ernie Ward:  http://cinnaminson.patch.com/groups/ive-got-the-scoop-on-pets/p/frostbite-in-dogs

Grooming and nail trimming is essential during the wintertime, as any excessively long hair will allow for snow to accumulate on your baby’s fur, especially on their tail, belly, and in between their toes!  If their nails are long, it will cause their toes to spread while walking, allowing a greater chance for snow and ice to accumulate.

Snowbanks and drifts - The snow acts as a stepladder right over the fence for your doggie! See photo above - Photo Credit:  Dr. Garret Pachtinger

Ice - Obvious risk of slip-and-fall injury to you and your pet.   When possible, walk in well-lit areas and avoid wet spots, which may actually be frozen.

Loss of Scent Trail - Please be sure your beloved pet has current ID tags and a microchip with current contact information and photo on file!!!  Many dogs cannot find their way home after it’s snowed due to the inability to pick up and follow familiar scents!

My previous blog on Microchips:  http://cinnaminson.patch.com/groups/ive-got-the-scoop-on-pets/p/your-pet-is-microchipped-thinking-yo…

Be safe and have fun out there… and remember:   AVOID YELLOW SNOW!   : )

Helping to keep beloved furry babies healthy and safe… and pet parents informed!


I’ve Got the ‘Scoop’!, LLC, in Palmyra



What to Do If Your Pet Does Not Want to Get Their Feet Wet

by Lori Genstein, I've Got the 'Scoop'!, LLC on January 5, 2014

in Pet Health, Pet Sitting, Pets, The Pet Care Biz

Meet BEAUFORD… a beautiful Maine Coon kitty for whom I provide care.   BEAUFORD absolutely loves to go outside and enjoy fresh air and nature; however, he does not like to get his feet wet!!!


Meet LEILA… a gorgeous Border Collie mix I also am so fortunate to work with.   LEILA loves her walks, doesn’t mind the cold weather, but does NOT want her feet wet, either!!!


Aside from your beloved pet not having the opportunity to enjoy their favorite everyday activity, the inability to go for a walk may compromise a pet’s health and cause behavioral changes.

Lack of exercise may cause weight gain, stiffness, mobility issues, irregularity and/or inability to poop, just to name a few.

Metabolic changes may gravely affect pets taking medication when their level of activity decreases.

Behavioral changes may develop due to stress from built-up, excessive energy and change in routine.

So what does a pet parent do?  A few modalities I’ve used as alternatives to maintaining a pet’s engagement in exercise:

  • Treadmills in extreme heat and cold weather
  • Indoor games and activities
  • Mental stimulation – 10 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to 30 minutes of physical activity!
  • Food- and treat-release toys and games
  • And if your furry baby will not go out to do their business, I recommend a set of booties.       SIMON BOOTIES

Not just any booties, but properly-fitted booties… comfortable, soft,  flexible, and, if possible, WATERPROOF booties!!!  Imagine getting a new pair of shoes, and wearing them in inclement weather… you want to be comfortable and dry!

My preference is booties with Velcro and a zipper, but, at minimum, a Velcro strap, so they may be adjusted.  (So long as the noise from the Velcro will not cause anxiety for your pet!)

Some things to consider before putting booties on your pet:

  • It is important nails are trimmed.
  • Select the correct size to avoid circulation and movement being restricted if they are too small, or causing your pet to trip if they are too large.
  • Proper introduction to booties is paramount if your pet is not accustomed to wearing anything on their feet and/or they have sensitivities to their paws being touched.
  • If your pet suffers with noise phobias, do a test with the sound by unfastening Velcro (on another item) to see if there is a reaction.  If your furry baby is uncomfortable with the sound,  choose a style absent of Velcro.

Above is SIMON’… the love of my life, was wearing booties to protect his feet from getting splinters while relaxing on our deck. Another reason for a pet to wear booties is to protect their paws from toxic rock salt and harmful ice melt.  Some booties, depending on the material, may also protect paws from the heat in the increased temperatures.

Please let me know if you need assistance choosing the appropriate booties for your furry baby or need help working with your beloved pet so they feel comfortable putting them on.

CAUTION:  BOOTIES WILL NOT PREVENT SLIPPING… some have a traction tread, but ice is ice!!!

Helping to keep beloved furry babies healthy and safe… and pet parents informed!


I’ve Got the ‘Scoop’!, LLC –  Palmyra, NJ




Welcome to 2014!

by Ryan on January 2, 2014

in PetsitUSA News

Welcome pet sitters and pet owners to 2014!  There some interesting developments in store for PetsitUSA in the next month or so.  Look for an updated PetsitUSA that will help bring in more visits from pet owners and the ability to use credit cards and PayPal!  More information will follow soon!

Thanks for visiting!


Pet Sitter is Feeling the Spirit and Writes a Poem…

by Lori Genstein, I've Got the 'Scoop'!, LLC on December 25, 2013

in Pet Sitting, Pets

‘Tis the night before Christmas, and all of my wonderful furry babies are now tucked into bed…

After receiving many hugs, kisses, massages, and playtime, while they wore Santa hats on their heads.


I am so very fortunate to be their pet sitter, and provide them with love, enrichment, and care…

Whether I’m feeding, snuggling, trimming nails, or administering medications, when their families aren’t there. 


Wishing the happiest, safest, and healthiest of holidays to friends, colleagues, and clients of I’ve Got the ‘Scoop’!, LLC…

Each of you, especially your beloved pets, have truly been the most wonderful gifts ever given to me!!! 


Wishing everyone lots of furry fun and precious purring moments throughout the holiday season!


I’ve Got the ‘Scoop’!, LLC







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Happy Holidays!

by Ryan on December 23, 2013

in PetsitUSA News

Happy Holidays to all pet sitters and pet owners!  2013 has been a great year, but I think everyone will be happy with some improvements coming soon!


If you’re interested in joining PetsitUSA, then there is the chance to get a 50% rebate after joining!  You will receive the discount if you provide pet sitting services to the following cities:




You will be sent the rebate soon after you join!


Craig Price, host of the podcast, ‘Reality Check with Craig Price’ and author of the book, ‘Half a Glass’, recently interviewed Nicole Bruder, owner of Lucy Goo Pet Sitting.  Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Craig: Nicole, I’ve known you for 20 years, but not everybody has a friend who can come in and watch their pets when they are away.  If you’re not familiar with pet sitters, where is a good place to look?

Nicole: A good place to start would be your vet.  A lot of clinics have business relations with pet sitters. You can also look in your local pet magazines, like Pet Talk, or go to an online finder such as petsitusa.com. Pet sitting associations are great, too, such as NAPPS, PUPS, and Pet Sitters International.

Craig:  What questions are good to ask a pet sitter before you hire them?

Nicole: Are they insured and bonded (don’t be afraid to ask for proof), how many people are on staff, and how do they train? (Running background checks should be mandatory.) What’s the procedure if the designated sitter has an emergency, and cannot make a visit?  Who is the back-up sitter? How do the sitters handle emergencies, and are they able to take your pet to the vet safely? (Every pet sitter’s vehicle should have a dog seat belt harness and a crate that buckles into the back seat.)

Craig: So, if your pet sitter has a mini cooper and your have a St. Bernard you probably want to find someone else.

Nicole:  Haha, right?!  But that is important!

Craig:  I know you have paperwork, and pet notes, tell us about that.

Nicole: A professional pet sitter will provide you with a client contract, pet info form, emergency and vet info forms, and location of items page.  There should also be a system of communication, such as the little notes we leave at each visit. I have some clients who are on the Lucy Goo Face Book group and Twitter, so they get to see those posts. We can also send pictures of their pets via text or email.

Craig: Do you put a newspaper in there for proof of life, so that they know that this picture was taken on Thursday at 9 o’clock in the afternoon?

Nicole: Ha! No, we haven’t had to do that. Our clients trust us! The pictures are just because they miss them. It’s fun to get a picture or video of your pet when you’re away!

Craig: So, what is your perfect client?

Nicole: We love it when clients book us ahead of time, and fill out our forms with care and attention to detail. We like it when our clients remember to let us know when they’ve left and especially, once they’ve come back. We want to be sure everyone gets home safe to their pets!

Craig: As we are moving into the holiday season, is there anything different people should do before leaving their pets?

Nicole: It’s always helpful to pet proof the house before you leave. Glass ornaments on low branches, tinsel, candies and baked goods, are temptations! Take time to put things up and out of the way. Be sure all candles are blown out, or unplugged!

Craig: So, I know that you work in the Houston area, and this is a nationwide podcast, but if people want to talk to you and ask questions about pet sitting, where can people find you?

Nicole: You can find me at: www.lucygoopetsitting.com

Craig: Well, I know that we are going to be using you very shortly as we head to the Caribbean over the New Year. So, Nicole, always a pleasure to see you!

Nicole:  Thanks, Craig!


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