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4health Pet Food recall due to salmonella

by Therese on May 5, 2012

in Pet Food Recall, Pet Health

4health pet food recall due to salmonella4health Pet Food, sold by Tractor Supply Company, is another one of the foods in the Diamond Pet Food recall. The following foods are being pulled from the Hagerstown, MD and Braselton, GA Tractor Supply distribution centers. I don’t know what stores they may have been sent to, or if they even made it out of the distribution centers. The following list comes from Tractor Supply.

SKU           Description

1027607   4HLTH   5LB C&R
1153026    4HLTH   5LB INDOOR CAT
1027576    4HLTH   5LB L&R
1027592    4HLTH   5LB LG BRD
1024376    4HLTH   5LB MATURE ADULT
1024383   4HLTH   5LB SALMON & POTATO
1027615    4HLTH   5LB SM BITES
1027584   4HLTH   5LB PUPPY
1152999    4HLTH    18LB ALL LIFE STAGE CAT
5149574    4HLTH    18LB C&R
1024380   4HLTH    18LB HEALTHY WEIGHT
1153000    4HLTH    18LB INDOOR CAT
5149532    4HLTH    18LB L&R
1024377    4HLTH    18LB MATURE ADULT
5138507    4HLTH    18LB PUPPY
1024384    4HLTH   18LB SALMON & POTATO
5149605    4HLTH    18LB SM BITES
6009468   4HLTH    35LB C&R ADULT
1024381    4HLTH    35LB HEALTHY WEIGHT
5138492    4HLTH    35LB L&R
5138515     4HLTH    35LB LG BRD
5149621    4HLTH    35LB PERFOR
1024385    4HLTH    35LB SALMON & POTATO
5149613    4HLTH    35LB SM BITES
1024378    4HLTH    35LBMATURE ADULT
5149566    4HTH    35LB PUPPY

Only bags with the ‘Best By Date’ code on or prior to April 7th 2013 should be removed from the Sales Floor. All bags with a ‘Best By Date’ Code after April 7th 2013 are safe to sell.

  • No 4health products have tested positive for Salmonella and no illnesses have been reported from this brand.
  • Tractor Supply has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety of our Customers and their pets.

If you have questions, visit the Diamond Pet Food Recall website or call 800-442-0402.