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NEW RECALL: Kirkland Signature canned food

by Therese on April 26, 2007

in Pet Food Recall, Pet Health, Pets

** For a list of pet foods NOT recently recalled go to The Pet Food List **

I just got off the phone with Costco and American Nutrition. Both have confirmed that Kirkland Brand Signature canned food has been recalled. At this point I do not know exactly which canned foods are involved. Melamine has been confirmed in in at least some of their wet food. I’m waiting for more information and will post it here as soon as I get it.

UPDATE: Pet Connection has confirmed with Costco that Kirkland Signature Super Premium Canned Food, item # 38436, best buy dates of Aug. 21 08 to April 15 of 09, has been voluntarilly recalled.
Kirkland Brand Signature canned food is made by American Nutrition.

UPDATE #2: Itchmo found out that the recall covers two formulations sold in a single case:

  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Chicken and Rice Canned food for Dogs
  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Lamb and Rice Canned food for Dogs

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